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ATI mid-range line up for Xmas finalised?

by Willy Deeplung on 14 September 2007, 19:13

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Hot on the heals of the final details for the RV670, it seems that ATI has firmed up the balance of its mid-range offerings for the holidays.

Bringing up the rear, so to speak, will be the 512MB 2900GT at just under $200 on the shelves of North America.

Next up will be the 512MB 2900 Pro for $249.

Topping this particular list will be the 1GB 2900 Pro for $299.

How this pricing will translate to Europe in general, and the UK in particular, no one is quite sure, but the 'straight translation' at 2 dollars for 1 Great British pound would go down very nicely! (We can only hope -Ed.)

ATI has traditionally struggled with the mid-range, from the time that nVidia launched the 6600GT until the X1950 Pro at the end of 2006.

However, this is where the real money lies in the consumer market.

Low-end GPUs are sold to such a tight price point, that there is not much margin left to put in the piggy-bank.

High-end/enthusiast cards sell in such low volumes (and are so tough to make) that, again, the piggy bank does not see many coins.

The graphic company with the winning product around the £100 mark will generally see piggy stuffed from November to February.

AMD no doubt hopes that its new ATI line-up will see its snout buried in profit.

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That's not much news! :P

Will they make crossfire useful at last?

As long as they make them better than the 8600 range the could have a winner on there hands. If it can beat the 8800gts 320 then they really will be quids in (though I would doubt it will)