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GeCUBE D26XT2-F5 in the wild

by Nick Haywood on 6 June 2007, 16:51

Tags: Gecube

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Quad DVI anyone?

Computex 2007Following on from our HEXUS.bean on the GeCUBE Gemini, we've now got shots of the card 'in the wild' happily chuntering through 3DMark and some more details on the hardware.

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[advert]The D26XT2-F5 uses twin Radeon RV630XT GPUs and clocks at 800MHz core. There's 1GB of DDR2 onboard running at 1GHz. This single-card CrossFire solution slots into one 16 x PCIe lane with the fan-sink taking up a second slot.

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Around the back are four DVI sockets for multiple monitor set-ups and Dual-Link, plus HDCP and HDTV out. Oh, and it does HDMI, too, through a dongle. Hopefully our friends at GeCUBE will let us see those 3DMark scores before the show finishes!