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Counterfeit GECUBE HD4000 cards appear

by Scott Bicheno on 7 January 2009, 12:23

Tags: Gecube, AMD (NYSE:AMD), ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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Card sharks

Taiwanese ATI (AMD) graphics card maker GECUBE has warned that a large number of counterfeit GECUBE HD4000 series graphics cards have found their way onto the market.

To try to combat this scourge, GECUBE has issued some guidance on how to spot the dodgy cards.

The key is looking for the GECUBE certification logo and product serial number that appear on the card, as shown in the photo below. The certification logo also appears on the box, we're told.

A full list of ATI certified GECUBE products can be found here.


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so many questions about this :D
A counterfeit graphics card, so do they just not work at all or like… yeah so many questions :/
I could think of a billion other things more cheaper, easier, quicker, simpler to counterfit than GFX cards lol
I expect its like the counterfeit games consoles that were being sold before Christmas.
The genuine article except they haven't been through quality control and have no warranty.
or have had their BIOS changed to report that they are a better card.