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Review: GeCube HD2600XT X2 DDR2 1024MiB - GEMINI 3

by Tarinder Sandhu on 14 November 2007, 08:29

Tags: Gecube

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What do you do when the GPU manufacturer on which you base your cards upon procrastinates in filling a huge gap in the line-up? We're talking about GeCube's plight with respect to the hole that currently exists in AMD/ATI's midrange DX10 GPU catalogue. Right now, there's a jump from Radeon HD 2600 XT (£70+) to Radeon 2900 Pro Limited Edition (£175).

Well, what you do is rouse your in-house engineering team, get them to earn their pay by coming up with novel solutions. GeCube's done so adding 2 Radeon HD 2600 XTs on to a single PCB - a la Sapphire.

Let's see if this card makes sense at around £125, or would it be better to wait just a while......