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by Willy Deeplung on 3 June 2007, 03:58

Tags: Gecube

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First shot of the GeCUBE twin GPU HD2600

Computex 2007

In the run up to Computex 2007 we’ve got a little pre-show treat for you… How about this early shot of the Dual 2600 GEMINI2 Card from GECUBE to whet your appetite?

Click for larger image

This is a real product and has 1GiB of onboard memory… we’ll bring you more specs as we get them on this world-exclusive bean!

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we're already bringing you the very latest as Willy Deeplung pulls yet another exclusive bean out of the tin..

surely willy is in the wrong profession feel he has potential for porn star with that name

another nice snippit of info keep it up guys :rockon2:
Good to know what will be the next two GPU on one board system to fail economically. Can't believe they are still making them in the midrange.
Any word on a quad-crossfire driver yet? Would be a nice setup… *drool*
Any word on a quad-crossfire driver yet? Would be a nice setup… *drool*

I fail to see the point of these products as a whole, I've had both CrossFire and SLI setups (my X1900's lasted 3 whole days before I swapped them for a 7950GX2, which was marginally better but not much) and since I tend to play more niche games, particularly racing sims, I would find performance was generally worse than a single card.

At least when you have a fast card from the outset then when multi-GPU support lets you down you still have a fast card to fall back to.
Going for two slow GPUs on a single board doesn't make sense to me. Its not going to be especially cheap nor especially good.
Dual cards are something the masses can understand.

Try explaining exactly why a 8800 is worth twice the price of a 8600 to your average consumer and you'll just get a glazed look.

Saying a card is actually a double card and has two lots of everything and they understand much better.