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Ruby puts on her lipgloss for R600

by Fanny Deeplung on 23 January 2007, 20:03

Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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Mascot of the ATI Radeon range of graphics cards, Ruby, was discovered by us wearing her new "R600" look, when we did a bit of digging around at CES.

Boobage is a popular means of selling stuff (augmented by a fiery backdrop works best... marketing departments take note!). Computer hardware is no exception, what with all the nerds that use computers... *snort*... but let's not dwell on the nature of our own kind too much. It's no surprise that a shapely maiden might strut her stuff to shift some graphics cards... all the better when the cards can real-time render her. Gotta love modern tech demos.

So, while were were at CES, we got a peek at what Ruby, or at least part of her, will look like rendered on those shiny new R600s people keep talking about. Looks like she's touched up her lip gloss...


We'll be seeing a lot of those lips as R600 launches. Remember, you saw them here first.

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Great job on the lip gloss a pity they didn't do anything with skin tone and texture. Now that would have impressed me.
Can we have a bigger picture?
Can we have a bigger picture?

Looks like a screenshot from a video, which would probably be no at the sacrifice of quality issues…

Do you think they will keep going till they reach official proper hotness? :mrgreen:
“2010 - VR Ruby - more pixels than all of the pixels in every game ever released.”
lol, I don't care about Ruby! Give me pictures of the damn card, along with some benchies (aimed at ATi not at Hexus <3)
Bah, if I was in charge of a big tech company I would make sure I employed the very best booth babes at the big shows. However, I think graphics cover art is largely poor, I'm not impressed by females that have been rendered by a tech-geek somewhere, or by the majority of fancy rendered stuff on the gfx cards or the boxes.