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Gigabyte GTX 580 SOC thrashes itself

by Navin Maini on 8 June 2011, 13:13

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376)

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Gigabyte's GTX 580 Super Overclock (SOC) graphics card has been at it again.



Not content with generating a chart-topping score of 10,458 - in the single-GPU 3DMark 11 stakes - a few weeks ago, the GTX 580 SOC has turned out an improved showing. The time, OBR of, used the cooling oomph of LN2 to push the graphics card up to 1,540MHz for the GPU, and 1,280MHz (5,120MHz effective) for the GDDR5 memory.

Though OBR didn't quite manage to eclipse the 1,550MHz GPU speed attained by Elmor, the 30MHz (120MHz effective) advantage in memory speed assisted in delivering the GTX 580 SOC, a fresh single-GPU 3DMark 11 record of 10,645.

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Jeeesh. I know it's pie in the sky stuff using LN2 but that's seriously impressive stuff. If only Nvidia could die shrink their current model so that these speeds would become possible on air/water cooling!

Or build a more efficient architecture….