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Zalman cool AM2 with the CNPS9500 AM2

by Nick Haywood on 7 June 2006, 14:04

Tags: Zalman (090120.KQ)

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It's from Zalman, it's a cooler and it fits AM2... simple, eh?

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Well I reckon that Zalman need to learn a thing about naming as the CNPS9500 AM2 hardly rolls off the tongue, does it?

However, name aside, the CNPS9500 AM2 is Zalman’s first AM2 cooler which just happens, according to the specs, be optimised for NVIDIA nForce as well. The CNPS9500 AM2 fits Dual Core Athlon 64 X2 (939), AMD Sempron and AMD 64 (754/939/940) CPUs.

Featuring a pure copper heatsink, Zalman reckon the patented curved heatpipe design gives you the heat transfer rate of six pipes while using only three. And as a handy little extra, FAN MATE 2 is included for speed control to get the optimum noise/cooling ratio for your rig.


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Man, coolers just keep getting bigger. I'm predicting scaffolding to hold them up to be next years muct have casemod.
Didn't I see one of these on offer somewhere :)
mine will be here on tuesday…..yay
Didn't I see one of these on offer somewhere :)

What do you think about the reserator 2 from Zalman?

As I have seen it sounds better than the version 1.

Do you think that it will be cooler than the version 1?
Looks Sweet, but why is it sponsored by Nvidia? Will they get a mini one for chipsets?:O_o1: