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Cooling in ZALMAN LQ1000 case promises best of both worlds

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 June 2007, 13:19

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Computex 2007 ZALMAN, the company synonymous with quiet PC cooling, has a neat hybrid water-cooling chassis on display.

Borrowing the basic case design from the GT-1000 and amalgamating water-cooling via ZALMAN's own RESERATOR XT, the LQ1000 attempts to bring together in one box the best features of air-cooling and water-cooling.

[advert]Akin to ZALMAN's TNN series, the LQ1000 uses the chassis as a giant heatsink. This time around, though, the side panel is used to cool the liquid running through the system. ZALMAN mounts the radiator on the rear and uses a 5.25in bay to mount the reservoir.

The 18kg LQ1000 will ship with at least one block pre-fitted. ZALMAN has a range of further blocks that can be added as and when needed.

There's something to be said for teaming a nice chassis with intelligent cooling. The LQ1000 seems like a reasonable effort. No word on pricing but, according to ZALMAN, it will be pushed into a limited-run production.

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I like the idea of putting all the water cooling into the case. I have a feeling the price will be less attractive though.
I think it's a good idea actually. I personally have been playing around with ideas of mounting these on to the side of my case for a quiet cooling solution. This seems a bit more elegant and efficient though.
Thermaltake have the right idea with the Kandalf LCS, but at a fraction of the price!!