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G.Skill announces the pentagonal Z5i Mini-ITX chassis

by Mark Tyson on 16 June 2021, 12:11

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Performance PC memory specialist G.Skill is trying its hand within another hardware niche (back in 2016 it introduced some mechanical gaming keyboards). This time around, G.Skill designers and engineers have turned their attention to the PC chassis. Its first product in this already crowded and hotly contested category is a Unique Pentagonal Z5i Mini-ITX PC Case.

This attractive and compact new case is made from a single piece aluminium exterior frame to three sides, with curved 4mm tempered glass folding in from the rear left/right sides leaving a front central pillar in which the front panel I/O (2x USB 3.0 Type-A, 1x USB 3.1 Type-C) is conveniently situated. These side panels have a rear hinge and can be easily opened as they are tool-less. Thus, you have an easy to access dual-chamber design.

A magnetic mesh dust filter sits atop of the construction which is perched on a platform of sorts which emits a powerful array of aRGB lighting and bears an aRGB G.Skill logo towards the front. Meanwhile, G.Skill has decided to have the motherboard's rear I/O panel face downwards into the platform's void "so cables can be neatly and easily managed".

While G.Skill has announced this product, it hadn't readied a product page, so I have harvested the specs from its promotional announcement press release and other materials (like the video) as best as I can. Please see below:

  • Supports Mini ITX motherboards
  • Supports large 3-slot graphics cards of up to 330mm in length
  • Graphics cards are installed vertically in the right chamber using the supplied PCIe 3.0 extension cable
  • Supports up to 2x 140mm rear exhaust fans or a 280mm AiO radiator
  • Room for three storage devices up to 3x 2.5-inch, or 2x 2.5- and 1x 3.5-inch drives
  • aRGB sync provided via the 3-pin 5V RGB and suitable motherboard
  • Supports SFX PSUs

I'd have liked to know a few more basics, such as CPU cooler clearance, plus the size/volume, and weight of this case. These should appear when the official product pages get published. We don't have any data about the availability or price at this time. Meanwhile, one must congratulate G.Skill on winning both an iF Design Award 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021 for its first case.

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Not really my thing but must admit it looks different!

I am contemplating an Oric isnpired case/system for the missus to game on as it's currently in an antec desktop/htpc case
Problem is that you'll have to bend all the cable plugs for that bottom IO panel, though…
Looks like a big case to say it's m-ITX.
Looks like airflow will be poor at best, nice idea but not my cup off tea, maybe if it was atx size.
Looks like a big case to say it's m-ITX.

Well, they've cunningly hidden the size. Or least I couldn't find it anywhere.

There are lots of mITX cases which are almost big enough to be mATX sometimes tragically close - I'm thinking of the CoolerMaster NR200 which at 20.1 litres isn't that big but if it was around 20mm taller it could support mATX boards at the cost of making it around 22 litres.