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IKONIK gets serious about chassis and cooling: Cooler Master beware

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 June 2008, 01:23

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COMPUTEX is a time when companies launch new products and then look over their shoulders to see if anyone else is entering the fray, hoping to take business away from them.

Take chassis as an example. The likes of Cooler Master and Antec, two names synonymous with quality cases, will now have to do battle with a new kid on the block.

IKONIK, formed in February 2008, will be launching a complete top-to-bottom range of chassis, coolers and PSUs, and its Ra X10 is the premier enthusiast-oriented chassis.

The good-looking aluminium model is available with and without liquid cooling, and the basic chassis will cost some £150 when it's officially launched in the next few weeks.

Packed with 13 fans that are sensor-linked to a GUI, dubbed SIM, you can manipulate the speeds of each (well, not quite, as the two rows of four fans are run off one controller each).

The large chassis accommodates eATX and CEB (workstation) boards and packs in six 5.25in bays and 10 3.5in. We like the fact that the windowed side panel, split into two sections, can be user-changed from being clear to meshed.

We also like the recessed ports which are normally hidden via a transparent, magnetised cover (not shown).

IKONIK is a spin-off from a certain large company. Take a peek inside and guess if you can determine which one it is?

The Ra X10 has enough features for it to warrant a shortlisting if you're looking for a high-end chassis that looks good and has plenty of storage potential. We'll be evaluating a shipping model just as soon as IKONIK has one in stock.

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Now that's decent. Connectivity options are excellent. All cases should eSATA ports on the front/top/side. Not overly keen on the looks, but they're not repulsive or tacky either like so many manufacturers seemingly try to make enthusiast cases look.

Make a version without a door and we'll start talking. :)
If it's as good as the previous Gigabyte cases it should be very good. I always liked my Aurora 3D, the only downside was (relatively) poor cooling.
Looks well built, I'm not too keen on the looks though, if they make a smarter looking version I'd be interested, I also prefer the PSU to be in a sealed off compartment at the bottom of the case like in the Antec P180.