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Zalman hops on the integrated water-cooling bus – nice!

by Matt Davey on 3 March 2008, 19:24

Tags: Zalman (090120.KQ)

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Zalman hops on the integrated water cooling bus – nice!

Trust Zalman to turn the integrated water-cooling market on its head. The LQ1000 is the latest chassis from Zalman using the tried-and-trusted GT-series chassis. In fact, it’s actually a hybrid of two products currently on sale - the GT1000 and the Reserator XT.

With the Reserator XT interface mounted in the front - the pair of 80mm fans, usually there, are dropped - results in a nice, sleek look. The pump for the system is placed on the floor of the chassis and the clever stuff happens within the side panel.

A single 230mm LED-bearing fan is mounted on the inside, with an integrated radiator secured to the panel itself. The outside of the panel is designed to dissipate heat as effectively as possible, whilst vents allow the fan to do its job.

The unit can be topped up through a small screw-cap on the top of the panel itself - nice and simple.

There is just something about the way Zalman designs its products - they function well whilst looking as sexy as hell. It puts all those plastic chassis to shame, really. This is luxury, folks, with the only problem being the price. The old adage of 'if you have to ask you can’t afford it' being oh so very, very valid here.

HEXUS hopes to have one in the labs very shortly; stay tuned.

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18kg! Not with my back in it's current state :(

I'm really pleased with my GT1000 and the Reserator XT setup - very quiet, easy to use and excellent cooling - and have zero interest in changing. Whilst the LQ1000 looks seriously good I'd be concerned about the lack of active hard drive cooling - I wonder if that 230mm side panel fan is adequate?
i've seen smaller desk fans than that door fan! it's hugee!! :O
good looking case though, wish i could afford stuff like that!
usually just have to get the good but not so expensive stuff :(
Any news on a review for this kit?

I'm toying with the idea, either this for £400 which is more attractive than the my original plan to buy the antec p190 and buy the resorator separately…

But am dubious about this cases actual performance.

Review pweeeese!

At £400, I would expect to be able to make a far superior system. The rad looks small, the case looks a bit cramped………At least for 4 c-notes :surprised: