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MESH Announce Improved Service Offering

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Press Release


All desktop systems purchased from MESH after 1st May 2007 will now come with a minimum of 12 months, on-site support.

MESH is implementing this upgraded support package, previously sold for £49, absolutely free of charge.

Renewed service levels are geared to provide a much faster response – with a pledge that all customer on-site repairs will be completed within 3 working days.

Reporting hardware issues will also be easier and more efficient than ever, with a pledge that 96% of all new hardware support calls will be answered within 4 rings.

Commenting on MESH’s drive to increase service levels, General Manager Tony Riccardi said “One of the key reasons for our success has been a dedication to customer service and support. Our new after-sales support package will bring standards to a new level within this industry”.

Riccardi explained, “MESH has been manufacturing award winning technology for over 20 years and that means we have an installed user base measured in hundreds of thousands. Buying MESH means buying the best – and that includes support”.

In conclusion, Riccardi said, “Award after award confirms that our range is the strongest in the UK market – head and shoulders above the competition.”

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we shall see how much truth is in that compared to the mesh forum feedback.
Agreed. He must be some manager to be able to ignore all these requesting refund and all these mesh rubbish service threads that keep poping up! :surprised:

We will have to see how long this new and improved Mesh is going to take to answer the phones. :telephone:
I have heard that many lies from this company what's one more , I will never ever buy another mesh PC

Once the trust has gone it's very hard to get it back mesh

Might be good to know how many extra staff the've taken on to ensure the targets are met.
Might be good to know how many extra staff the've taken on to ensure the targets are met.

Probably just Indian call centres. I was diverted to one a few weeks ago while phoning Mesh CS so it wouldn't surprise me if they simply outsourced more call centres abroad.