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Tyan showcases its first commercialized POWER8 Based System at OpenPOWER Summit 2015

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TYAN OpenPOWER Product Information: http://www.tyan.com/solutions/tyan_openpower_system.html
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San Jose, California, USA - March 19, 2015 –TYAN, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer and subsidiary of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation, will demonstrate the TYAN TN71-BP012, the first commercialized POWER8 based solution at TYAN’s booth (#1112) during the OpenPOWER Summit 2015. Other cutting-edge platforms will be displayed at its booth (#831) during GTC 2015 as well.

The OpenPOWER Summit 2015 takes place March 17-19 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. The TYAN TN71-BP012 platform is the first commercialized OpenPOWER-based hardware system and is designed around the concept of innovation and collaboration. As the first commercialized hardware system collaborated by the OpenPOWER community, TYAN’s TN71-BP012 is an POWER8 processor-based solution that reveals the spirit of the OpenPOWER Foundation resources and innovation are notlimited to the community but are open to the world.

IT experts can adopt TYAN’s TN71-BP012 as well other technical resources shared from the OpenPOWER community to build their customized IT infrastructure and manage it in a flexible way. Visitors can experience TYAN’s extraordinary and innovative POWER8 supported platform and meet TYAN’s team during the OPF summit 2015.

“TYAN aims to provide reliable, flexible and high-performance hardware platforms that help customers achieve their goals as well as drive their business,” said Albert Mu, Vice President of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit. “As a founding member, TYAN collaborates with the technical partners among the OpenPOWER ecosystem in the very beginning to develop TYAN’s POWER8 based solutions. We are honored to present the second generation of TYAN’s POWER8 based solution, the TYAN TN71-BP012 (project name: Habanero). The TYAN TN71-BP012 is based on the POWER 8 Architecture and provides tremendous memory capacity as well as outstanding performance that fits in datacenter, big data or HPC.”

"TYAN's introduction of the world's first non-IBM branded OpenPOWER commercial server, designed and manufactured outside of IBM, is a significant moment for the OpenPOWER Foundation," said Brad McCredie, President of the OpenPOWER Foundation and IBM Fellow. "This server provides a compelling high-performance, cost-effective hardware alternative for hyperscale data centers around the world."

The TYAN TN71-BP012 is the first commercialized system which is supported by the open resources shared from the OpenPOWER Foundation and enables end users to deploy software tailored to their individual requirements. It is a 2U system that contains (1) IBM® POWER8 Turismo SCM processor, (32) 240-pin R-DDR3 1600/1333Mhz w ECC DIMM, (14) 2.5” /3.5” hot-swap HDD, (4) HH PCI-E Gen.3 slots, (4) 10GBASE-T w/Mezz Card. With tremendous memory capacity and high-end computing performance, TYAN’s OpenPOWER standards-based system provides another approach for users to run their applications in an innovative, optimized and flexible way.

All are welcome to visit TYAN’s booth (#1112) to explore the unique TYAN OpenPOWER hardware solution during the OpenPOWER Summit 2015 or learn more about TYAN’s OpenPOWER supported product plan at Mr. Albert Mu’s presentation from 15:40 to 15:50 pm on March., 18 during the summit. TYAN’s TN71-BP012, the first commercialized system built to OpenPOWER standards, will be available in end of Q2’15. For more product information, please visit the TYAN webpage http://www.tyan.com/solutions/tyan_openpower_system.html.

TYAN will also showcase two high performance solutions which are designed for both enterprise and HPC Applications at TYAN booth (#831) during GTC 2015. The TYAN FT76-B7922 is a special 4-way in 4U solution that supports (4) NVIDIA® GPU accelerators while the TYAN FT77C-B7079 supports up to  (8) NVIDIA Tesla® K80 dual-GPU accelerators in a 4U chassis. Attendees are welcomed to explore the solutions and meet TYAN team during the event.

About TYAN

TYAN, as a leading server brand of Mitac Computing Technology Corporation under the MiTAC Group (TSE:3706), designs, manufactures and markets advanced x86 and x86-64 server/workstation board technology, platforms and server solution products. Its products are sold to OEMs, VARs, System Integrators and Resellers worldwide for a wide range of applications. TYAN enables its customers to be technology leaders by providing scalable, highly-integrated, and reliable products for a wide range of applications such as server appliances and solutions for high-performance computing and server/workstation used in markets such as CAD, DCC, E&P and HPC.

For more information, visit MiTAC’s website at http://www.mitac.com or TYAN’s website at http://www.tyan.com.