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MSI commercial All-in-One PC’s displayed at Cebit 2012

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Combining performance with convenience

MSI, the world-class manufacturer of All-in-One PC's is proud to introduce its latest All-in-One PC line-up at Cebit 2012 from 6-10 March in Hannover, Germany. MSI will show their brand new commercial All-in-One PC's including the professional 16" AP16 Professional series and 20" AP2011 with adjustable auto-rotation panel for business usage. In its entertainment series, MSI will display the 19" AE1931 and the 22" AE2211 models. We welcome you to visit us at our booth  in Hall 14 / H30 for a personal tour and to experience MSI All-in-One PC's with the latest convenient software applications.

The all-new professional 16" AP16 Professional series and 20" AP2011 with adjustable stand

The Wind Top AP16 Professional series, which MSI has developed specially for the commercial segment, has a specially developed LED backlit technology with LCD panel, which gives outstanding energy-saving performance. With its two built-in COM ports, the AP16 model has the ability to support barcode readers, cash registers, etc., and can be used in a wide range of commercial environments. One point worth noting is that the AP16 model also supports fast boot from USB memory stick, so that, even without a built-in hard drive, users can still employ a USB flash memory device to switch on the PC and use Windows, DOS, Linux, etc. to make use of applications that require rapid boot-up, but do not require high data storage capacity, such as Kiosk, POS, medical device applications, etc.

The Wind Top AP2011 features an adjustable stand that provides a high level of flexibility. With this adjustable stand, the display features auto-rotation function, so that when the panel is adjusted by 90 degrees, the image displayed on the screen automatically changes to match the new display position, without the user needing to make the adjustment manually through software. This feature represents a significant advance in terms of practicality and convenience. The use of LED backlit with LCD panel in the AP2011 ensures outstanding energy consumption performance, providing energy savings of approximately 30% compared with conventional CCFL panel. As far as performance is concerned, the Wind Top AP2011 uses the second-generation Intel® CoreTM processor, whose revolutionary computing capabilities permit more efficient multi-tasking, while the provision of multiple COM ports makes the AP2011 the ideal tool for a wide range of business applications. In addition, MSI's All-in-One PC Professional models also feature "Pro Kit" software, which enables users to find the software they need rapidly and easily. Pro Kit includes "White Board" software developed by MSI for use in small-scale meetings and presentations.

Introducing the latest 19" AE1931 and 22" AE2211 entertainment models

The new Entertainment series All-in-One PC models that MSI is showcasing at CeBIT include the Wind Top AE2211 and Wind Top AE1931, two strikingly attractive PCs that feature advanced touch-screen technology. The AE2211 uses a 21.5-inch multi-touch display with LED backlit technology which supports 1920 × 1080 pixel Full HD resolution. Combined with the latest Intel® second-generation CPU, this gives outstanding performance and flexible touch-screen control, enabling users to work faster and more efficiently. The slim, lightweight AE1930 has an 18.5-inch display and Intel's new Atom processor, which combines high performance with low energy consumption (providing energy savings of around 20% compared to previous-generation processors). Whether in terms of performance or "green" features, the AE1930 represents a major step forward. As regarding software, MSI All-in-One PC Entertainment models now feature a "Fun Kit," which includes not only the Smart Media Link and Smart Sync functions provided in earlier models, but also a range of other audio-visual and entertainment software.

Easy, convenient error correction with MSI's unique Quick Fix software

Recognizing that All-in-One PC's are now being used by people of all ages, MSI's software division has developed the "Quick Fix" software package, which makes it easy for both novices and experienced computer users to correct errors and overcome problems. Quick Fix includes three constituent elements: Fix Center, Live Update, and Recovery Tool. Besides helping users to detect and deal with everyday computer problems, Quick Fix can also assist with software updating, and can even help to restore the PC to its original settings. Using the Quick Fix interface, computer problems can be solved easily and conveniently.

About MSI

MSI is proud of its more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing high performance IT products.
The product lines of MSI are motherboards, graphic cards, notebooks, consumer electronics, barebones, networking and server products, and fully integrated add-on peripherals. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified facilities, MSI products provide the best performance, reliability and value-increasing productivity.

We distribute our products through offices located in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, India and Australia. MSI markets its products to distributors, computer system manufacturers, and system integrators. For more information about the company go to www.msi.com.