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AVADirect Now Authorized Debian System Integrator

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AVADirect now offers the option to have Debian, the GNU/Linux-based operating system, pre-loaded on practically every configuration offered. Debian was originally created to offer a free operating system to those who do not want to purchase an advertised operating system just to use the hardware they have invested in.

This is great for users who use their PC's for basic tasks, such as web browsing, internet, documents, and miscellaneous office tools. Since the operating system is based off of a Linux kernel it automatically receives support for many utilities and applications. Though, the interface is not as simple as most visual interfaces, advanced users find Debain extremely helpful in the instance it can take advantage of hardware more than most operating systems, it's free, and uses a minimal amount of system resource to run. Debian comes with over 29,000 packages that are precompiled, and are simple to implement into a Debian install. Though we offer the service, we currently do not provide support since the operating system is open source. However, there are many useful forums and tools to assist you with any reasoning behind choosing Debian.

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