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8Pack launches the new Supernova XL

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Now Available at Overclockers UK

Offering world-class performance from Intel's ultra-exclusive, closed auction i9-9990XE processor.

Ian "8Pack" Parry is proud to announce his latest extreme machine, the Supernova XL. Built inside the CaseLabs STH10, the Supernova XL not only draws its inspiration from the very first 8Pack machine, but also gives one final moment in the sun to add to the already accomplished CaseLabs legacy. 

Standing at just under a metre the Supernova XL is a colossal machine, consisting of five custom acrylic pass through plates complete with mirrored internals. It's a showpiece to behold. The interior is also fitted with a light box, bathing the water-cooled components in a customisable light display.

Powering the Supernova XL you'll find one Intel's most exclusive processors, the i9-9990XE. Available in extremely limited quantities, through closed auction, this elusive processor is so exclusive it isn't even listed on the official Intel Ark database.

The i9-9990XE is a 14 core processor, with a 4.0 GHz base clock pulling 255W TDP, it's capable of hitting a 5.0 GHz boost clock across all cores - straight out of the box. Cooled by a custom water-loop, with two dedicated radiators, the i9-9990XE is overclocked by 8Pack himself for a system that gives only world-class leading performance.

The 8Pack Supernova XL - available now from £14,888.88 

Check out the launch video HERE - available for download HERE

8Pack Supernova XL - Limited Edition at a glance:

- Designed and overclocked by world-record breaking Ian "8Pack" Parry 

- Built inside one of three available Caselab STH10 cases
- 7" display built into the front of the case 

- Intel i9-9990XE LTD Edition CPU watercooled and overclocked 

- 2 x NVIDIA 2080 Ti watercooled and overclocked

- 128GB GSKILL Trident X Royal 3600MHz RAM 

- 2 x 1TB Samsung 970 Pro NVME Drives 

- 2 x 10TB Western Digital HDD 

- Superflower 1600W Titanium PSU with custom braided cables 

- Custom OCUK Techlabs RGB Lightbox to illuminate the interior 

- Dual water-loop configuration with 5 custom acrylic passthrough plates

- Phanteks Glacier RGB CPU and GPU waterblocks with chrome GPU backplates. 

- 2 x 480mm, 1 x 360mm and 1 x 240mm EK CoolStream Radiators
A water-cooling masterclass - perfecting performance and aesthetics.

The Supernova XL has been built from the ground up, stripping the Caselabs STH10 down to its bare chassis before adding an array of modifications required to house an 8Pack extreme build. 

A total of five acrylic pass through plates have been built and fitted into the case, allowing for total versatility when water-cooling. These pass-through plates are specifically designed so that the chrome hardtubing from the waterblocks can be fitted in parallel, for a minimal bending and an immaculate finish. 

The acrylic pass through plates redistribute the coolant between four EK CoolStream radiators. Two 480mm radiators provided dedicated cooling for the dual RTX 2080 Ti, with an additional 360mm and 240mm raditator working in unison to cool the overclocked Intel Extreme i9-9990XE. 

Mounted to both the CPU and GPU are Phanteks Glacier water-blocks, finished in chrome and with matching backplates, they are completely customisable with their addressable RGB lighting. 

Extreme performance from intel's most exclusive processor

The Supernova XL offers world-class performance, provided by an Intel Extreme 9990XE processor. Available in extremely limited quantities, through closed auction, this elusive processor is so exclusive it isn't even listed on the official Intel Ark database.

The i9-9990XE is a 14 core, 28 thread processor that was tailor made for the financial industry. It offers an unprecedented performance, able to boost it's 4.0 GHz base clock to an incredible 5.0 GHz across all 14 cores - straight out of the box. It also features a Turbo Max 3.0, optimising workloads and allowing selected cores to hit 5.1 GHz. 

This out of the box performance isn't what makes this processor ideal for powering a world-class 8Pack machine however - this unlocked CPU has been hand overclocked by 8Pack himself to hit a minimum of 4.7 GHz. 

Pulling 255W TDP just at base clock, it's a powerhouse that demands only the most extreme cooling solution - that's why it's got not one, but two dedicated radiators in its custom water-loop. 

“The Intel® Core™ i9-9990XE is designed specifically for the financial services industry because of specific customer requirements. Because the Intel® Core™ i9-9990XE was built with unique specifications and high frequency to meet the workload needs of this targeted industry, it can only be produced in limited quantities and will not be broadly made available." - Intel 17/01/2019

Equipped with dual RTX 2080 Ti in matching chrome finish

The Supernova XL packs two ASUS NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, paired in SLI via NVIDIA's 2nd generation NVLink, they allow up to 100GB/s of bi-directional bandwidth to be shared between the cards. Water-cooled and overclocked, they're tailor made for both creative, professional and gaming applications. 

The RTX 2080 Ti have Phanteks Glacier RGB waterblocks and backplates, offering not only a premium grade water-cooling solution, but a fully customisable display through their addressable RGB lighting. 

Professional storage solution with Samsung 970 Pro NVMe

The Supernova XL packs 2 x 1TB Samsung 970 Pro NVME drives for a high performance storage solution and with sequential read/write speeds of up to 3,500/2,700 MB/s they're ideal for use with professional applications. 

Secondary storage comprises of 2 x 10 TB WD hard-drives, providing an abundance of room for media, games and redundancy back-up.              

8Pack Supernova XL avaliable at Overclockers UK from £14888.88

8Pack Supernova XL Specification  

CPU - Intel 9990XE LTD edition CPU overclocked to 4.7ghz

Motherboard - ASUS ROG Rampage Xtreme Omega X299 MB

Memory - 128gb DDR4 by GSKILL - Trident X Royals at 3600mhz

Graphics - 2x Nvidia 2080Ti OC in SLI 

Storage - 2x Samsung 1TB 970 Pro NVME Drives + 2x 10 TB Western Digital HDDS 

Case - Caselabs STH10 painted gloss black and heavily modded.

PSU - Superflower 1600w Titanium ATX PSU + Custom Cable Braiding

Cooling -  Dual water-cooling loop featuring Phanteks Glacier RGB waterblocks and OCUK Techlabs custom acrylic pass through plates.

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