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Enermax Extends "Ahead of the Game" Series - Revolution X't PSU

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Hamburg, 31st of October 2013. One month ago, Enermax informed about the introduction of a new product line which is specially designed for the requirements of modern gaming machines. "Ahead of the Game" covers different PC areas. "The models of our new series allow for a game play on the highest level. They are the perfect choice for high-end systems and provide leading technology for the pure joy of gaming", explains Benjamin Schäfer, PR/Marketing Team Leader of Enermax Europe. With the midi tower iVektor, the first gaming series from Enermax made a perfect market debut. The racing-style chassis with the soft-grip coating offers a variety of functions and many possibilities for system upgrades. But for a steady flow of game at highest resolution, the hardware inside is the crucial factor.

Enermax Quality for Stable and Cool Game Play

Schäfer: "We offer users the perfect starter set to build up a performance-capable and at the same time durable gaming system. Most often, people focus on the graphics card or CPU only. But at the end, the power supply decides how stable a PC runs. If your system is crashing down regularly, the PSU might be a possible source of trouble. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend more money in a quality brand product instead of buying the cheapest of the cheap models. And if you consider about an efficient cooling system, you need to know that you can not only prolong the lifetime of the installed components, but you can also draw the ultimate performance out of your hardware. You will only achieve the highest clock rates if you rely on the best cooling solution."

With the Revolution X't PSU series and the Liqtech liquid coolers, Enermax now adds two products to the new "Ahead of the Game" range.

Revolution X't: Massive 12V Rail for High-Performance Gaming Rigs

The key components for maximum gaming power are the graphics card and the CPU. Both are supplied by the 12V rail of the PSU. The more amperes the rail provides, the higher is the performance capability at high system load. The new Revolution X't from Enermax comes with one massive 12V rail generating more than 97 per cent of the total power, so that it can easily handle high-performance and overclocked gaming rigs. The manufacturer applies durable, quality components and relies on approved technologies to ensure non-stop 24/7 operation at 40°C ambient temperature.

High Efficiency & low-noise 139mm Twister Fan

An advanced electronic circuit minimizes energy losses and ensures an efficiency of 89 to maximum 92 per cent*. Revolution X't therefore achieved the international energy-saving certificate 80 PLUS® Gold. The large 139mm fan with patented Twister bearing (100,000 hours MTBF) runs virtually silent and keeps the temperatures effectively low. The speed is controlled according to the temperature and particular load, so that Enermax guarantees a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise generation. 
* from 20% to 100% load at 230VAC

Flat Cables & Haswell Support

Flexible flat cables simplify the system installation and cable routing. Revolution X't is equipped with a semi-modular cable management with a variety of connectors. Starting from 430 watts, the power supply offers two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors. From 630 watts upwards, four connectors for graphics cards are included. That way, the models of the new series are well prepared for multi-GPU systems. Revolution X't complies with the latest Intel® ATX12V v2.4 standard for desktop PSU and supports all current Intel® and AMD® processors including the new HaswellTM generation. The manufacturer introduces four models with 430, 530, 630 and 730 watts.

Revolution X't is now available on sale. MSRP incl. VAT: £79.00 for the Revolution X't 430W (ERX430AWT), £89.00 for the ERX530AWT, £99.00 for ERX630AWT and £109.00 for ERX730AWT. Revolution X't replaces the low-wattage models of the Revolution87+ series. The Revolution87+ 850W and 1000W (ERV850EWT/ERV1000EWT) will be continued.

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About Enermax:

Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1990 and is a globally renowned manufacturer of PC components such as power supplies, PC cases, cooling products, keyboards, enclosures and other peripherals. Since almost 20 years Enermax plays a leading role as an innovator in PSU market. Enermax products are well known for their innovative technology, high quality and safety, best performance and unique design. The company possesses its own research and development centre. Subsidiaries and numerous affiliates around the world which provide an excellent sales and service network. The european headquarter of Enermax is located in Hamburg, Germany.