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Enermax launches new flagship PSU series MaxRevo

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The Power Supply of the High-End Class

Hamburg, 23rd June 2011. Enermax extends it's PSU portfolio with the new heavy-hitting high-performance series MaxRevo with 1.350 and 1.500W. The new series fulfils not only the requirements of the directive "SSI Power Supply Design Guide" for servers, but it is designed especially for Multi-GPU systems and industrial PCs, as well as high-performance workstations. Equipped with six stable and highly efficient 12V rails this power supply delivers more than enough power for all modern server and high-end systems. A full modular cable management and further technological innovations top this high-end power supply off.

MaxRevo: The New Giant Among Power Supplies

Enermax enters the heavyweight class with its new MaxRevo. It is a new high-performance series with numerous technological innovations of the premium manufacturer. For instance the "Copper-Bridge Array" transmission technology replaces the traditional wires and pass the signal straight and with lower resistance. The result is: up to three percentage increase of the voltage regulation and higher efficiency for clean and stable DC output.

Enermax has optimized the topology of the successful Modu87+ and Pro87+ series and could reduce further energy losses by this way. The patented high magnetic power density transformer replaces the Multiple-Transformer-Design (two and more transformers), which was up to now necessary in these wattage classes, and ensures more space inside the power supply. As a result it comes up much better air circulation. Together with the higher efficiency and the reliable Enermax Twister bearing fan it guarantees silent cooling.

The new FMQ-Design (Full-Zone Magnetic Quadrant Transformer Design ensures usage of four quadrants of the transformer - instead of until now only one) makes a peak efficiency of up to 94 percentage (80 PLUS® Gold) possible.

MaxRevo 1350W is now available at a MSRP of £289,90 and the 1500W for £319,90 incl. VAT. Enclosed to every MaxRevo delivery is one free 12cm T.B.Vegas Duo fan (MSRP incl VAT £15,99).

Modu87+ and Pro87+: ErP Lot 6 ready!

The successful gold-series Modu87+ and Pro87+ ran through an optical and technical update. Due to the high efficient 5V standby circuit both series can profit from reduced power consumption in standby mode. With this feature they meet the EU regulation ErP Lot6 for PC systems (< 1W in standby mode). Both series achieve the "80 Plus® Gold certification" with an efficiency of 87-93%. The established features "Dynamic-Hybrid Transformer Topology", "Multi Rail Design" and "SpeedGuard" are included as well.

The PSU housing comes now in a scratch-proof powder coating. The 13.9 cm fan with the proven "Twister Bearing Technology" provides extreme silent cooling behind a golden frame with black fan grid. Modu87+ serves the mid-range class with 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900W. Pro87+ proceeds as normal with 500 and 600W. 5 years warranty makes these series to a reliable and faithful power supplier of your components. The price for both series remains the same as before the optical and technical update.

Technical details and photos: www.enermax.co.uk/maxrevo und www.enermax.co.uk/gold.

About Enermax:

Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1990 and is a globally renowned manufacturer of PC components such as power supplies, PC cases, cooling fans, keyboards, enclosures and other peripherals. Since almost 20 years Enermax plays a leading role as an innovator in PSU market. Enermax products are well known for their innovative technology, high quality and safety, best performance and unique design. The company possesses its own research and development centre as well as two factories. Six subsidiaries and numerous affiliates around the world provide an excellent network for OEM/ODM and retail business. Enermax subsidiary in Hamburg coordinates major European markets.