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Budget-friendly and Reliable Power Supplies

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Hamburg, 15th of March 2011. With its new NAXN PSU series Enermax focuses on the entry-level market and provides a full range of eight models between 350W and 850W. They are designed for a wide field of applications from basic office PC to high-end gaming systems. All NAXN PSU already support the new EU standby regulation ErP Lot 6.

Stable Power at a Low Budget

NAXN represents the entry-level class of the Enermax power supply range. The manufacturer offers in sum eight different models, starting from three non-modular versions with 350W, 450W and 550W (ENP350AGT/ENP450AGT/ENP550AWT) which are directed to professional systems integrators as well as to price sensitive end users. All of these budget PSU are equipped with two safe and stable 12V rails and provide an advanced protection circuit. Users can rely on an extended 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Power Supply to Enter the Mainstream Class
The next three models, ENP450AWT, ENP500AWT and ENP600AWT, are expected to be the most popular for the retail market within the NAXN series. With a MSRP starting from £58.90 (incl. VAT), they will be a potent competitor in the mainstream market. Enermax designed them according to the needs of the majority of users: good efficiency with up to 85 per cent (80 PLUS® certified), stable performance and first-class cooling due to an intelligent fan control. Additionally these NAXN PSU provide the after-shutdown cooling function HeatGuard, which has been adopted from the high-end Enermax PSU series.

Affordable and Powerful Gaming PSU
Gamers will be enthusiastic about the most powerful NAXN PSU with 750W and 850W (ENM750AWT and ENM850AWT). They not only achieve an excellent efficiency with up to 88 per cent (80 PLUS® Bronze certified), they also provide a rich and flexible cable management to support high-performance multi-GPU gaming systems. Like the lower wattage models, NAXN 750W and 850W come with a silent 12cm fan which is regulated by an advanced fan RPM control to keep the PSU cool at all loads.

All NAXN PSU are ErP Lot 6 ready!
The EU regulation "ErP Lot 6" controls the standby power waste of PC systems. System builders have to take care that the mainboard and the power supply fulfil the strict requirements of this new norm to keep the system's power consumption during standby mode below 1W (from 2013: below 0.5W). All models of the NAXN series are based on an improved 5V standby circuit (+5Vsb) that reduces the energy loss about 20 per cent and thereby support ErP Lot 6.

For more technical details and product photos please check www.enermax.co.uk/naxn. The NAXN power supplies are now available. They come with an entry level price of £39.90 incl. VAT (ENP350AGT). The most powerful 850W version (ENM850EWT) will cost £129.90 incl. VAT (MSRP).

About Enermax:

Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1990 and is a globally renowned manufacturer of PC components such as power supplies, PC cases, cooling fans, keyboards, enclosures and other peripherals. Since almost 20 years Enermax plays a leading role as an innovator in PSU market. Enermax products are well known for their innovative technology, high quality and safety, best performance and unique design. The company possesses its own research and development centre as well as two factories. Six subsidiaries and numerous affiliates around the world provide an excellent network for OEM/ODM and retail business. Enermax subsidiary in Hamburg coordinates major European markets.