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Xilence presents all-new power supply series

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Xilence’s new power supplies are built for rock solid stability, Gold rated efficiency and available up to 850 watts – all at a reasonable price

Hildesheim, Germany, 18 August 2017 - Xilence, specialist in cooling, power supply and noise reduction of PCs and notebooks, is introducing its all-new Performance X power supply series. The new series features everything a demanding gamer would expect from a reliable power supply. Available in four models ranging from 550 watts to 850 watts, Performance X boasts high efficiency, stable output, a silent and durable fan design and a full suite of protection circuits, all at low purchase cost.

Modern topology enables high voltage stability and efficiency

Performance X reaches extremely stable voltage on all rails thanks to its DC/DC technology. This method transforms alternating current into 12-volt direct current, generating the required 5-volt and 3.3-volt rails, and resulting in stable output values even under cross load conditions. An LLC resonant converter is also built in to further boost efficiency, especially at high output power levels while significantly reducing switching loss. Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, Performance X reaches an efficiency factor of up to 92 percent and an 80PLUS Gold 230V EU rating. The power supply series meets all ErP2014 standards, including stand-by power of under 0.25 watts and an ecoPSU rating of 91 points, suggesting extremely economical operations that well exceed European targets.

Reliable cooling design and a silent fan

Optimized for efficient cooling, Performance X power supplies use FDB-based (fluid dynamic bearing) fans, which are more reliable, durable and operationally quieter than rifle or sleeve bearings. 550- and 650-watt models use a 120-millimeter FDB fan and 750- and 850-watt models use a 135-millimeter FDB fan. Combined with an expertly tuned fan curve and starting speed of just 310 (550W, 650W) or 450 (750W-M, 850W-M) revolutions per minute, the cooling produced by the fans is powerful, yet silent.

Cable management and maximized protection

In addition, Performance X 750- and 850-watt models are equipped with semi-modular detachable cable strings, enabling users to maximize the space inside the computer chassis. All cables are sheathed in black sleeves to better match system colors and improve design aesthetics. Alongside Performance X’s effective cooling design, Xilence includes the full suite of protective circuits needed for secure hardware operation and protection: OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection) and OPP (Over Power Protection).

Xilence Performance X power supplies are now available for purchase with MSRPs of €76.90 (550W), €84.90 (650W), €109.00 (750W-M) and €129.00 (850W-M).

About Xilence

Xilence Technology is a manufacturer of components for cooling, performance improvement and noise reduction in PCs.

Since its founding, Xilence has made a name for itself with silent PC power supply units and case fans. Today`s range of products consists of silent and cool cases, CPU/GPU/Chipset and case fans, power supply units and a variety of further components.

Xilence products target users who want to make their PC´s quieter, more efficient and reliable. Xilence products distinguish themselves through their excellent price-performance ration