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SilverStone launches CP12 SATA cable for Intel NUC motherboards

Tags: SilverstoneTek, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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SilverStone’s CP12 is a SATA cable designed for use with Intel NUC motherboards. It converts 5pin SATA power and 7pin SATA data connectors into a 22pin combo connector. Designed to fit in tight spaces, the connectors are also 90 degree angled so they are easy to install and indispensable for adding extra drive in a NUC system.

Special Features:

  • Support Intel NUC5i3MYBE / NUC5i5MYBE motherboards
  • Designed for devices with 22Pin SATA connector (15pin power+ 7pin data)
  • 90 degree angled connectors for easy installation

You can find further information here:


The recommended End User price (excl. VAT):  5,28 USD

Goods will be available on Feb. 8th.