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SilverStone launches ECU04 USB 3.1 expansion card

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The SilverStone ECU04 is a PCI-E Gen 2.0 x2 expansion card with one internal 19pin USB 3.1 connector. Its dual 10Gbps bandwidth offers excellent stability and transfer rate when multiple external USB devices are in use simultaneously. The ECU04 is also backwards compatible with USB 3.0/2.0/1.1 and supports UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) for enhanced performance. For operating systems with XHCI (eXtensible Host Controller Interface), the ECU04 will easily install without the need for any drivers because it also supports XHCI. For those looking to upgrade or add additional USB 3.1 ports or devices to their computer, the ECU04 is a great starting point. 

Special Features:

  • Includes USB 3.1 internal 19pin connector
  • PCI-E Gen2.0 x2, throughput up to 10Gbps
  • Compliant with eXtensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI) specification Revision 1.1
  • Compliant with USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) Revision 1.0
  • Includes optional low profile slot cover for supporting low profile cases

You can find further information here:


The recommended End User price (excl. VAT):  29,59 USD

ECU04 is available now.