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KWorld Group presents all 4 of KWorld brands together for the first time

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Taipei, Taiwan – June 1, 2010- 2010 Computex Taipei- KWorld Computer Co., Ltd, a leading provider in integrated multimedia player, is continuously enriching consumer devices.  The company will be showcasing its diversified business portfolio at Computex 2010 that will bring innovative features and a better overall user experience to consumers including solutions for PC to TV, digital home theater, pen tablet & displays and surveillance & security. All of these solutions support KWorld’s mission to provide the “Best Technology, Best Quality and Best Service” in the personal digital entertainment industry.

KWorld Computer Co., Ltd will be featured in the following booth location at Computex 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan, from June 1-5, 2010. KWorld’s booth# M810/M818/M910/M918 at Nangang Exhibition Hall Area M, Upper Level (4F).

KWorld Computer Co., Ltd demonstrations at Computex 2010:
PCTV & Multimedia Media – KWorld is well known for its TV Tuner/cards/sticks products.  With the growing demand for multimedia entertainment, KWorld accelerates the technology of connecting the information and entertainment contents, allowing consumers to easily share, locate, and enjoy content throughout the home & work.  KWorld offers a complete solution for a digital home entertainment center with the following series: PCTV, External TV Box, Multimedia Editing, Multimedia Converter, Home Media Center and PC Speakers.  For more information on KWorld, please visit www.kworld-globalcom

Tablet - Kanvus offers an array of products aiming at providing a splash of life for creative professionals and end-users.  This has been the second successive years for Kanvus to join Computex.  Along with Artist, Life and Office Series, Kanvus will be showcasing its innovated technologies that add portable & elegant slim size elements into pen & touch input designs such as Kupen Air and Lights Series.  For more information on Kanvus, please visit www.kanvus-global.com

Speaker & Headphone –Krator is bringing aesthetic design & precision-driven performance into speaker & headphone applications that are changing the way that consumers enjoy sounds. Krator will be showcasing a wide range of classic collection and gaming series of speakers including Neso and Mars, along with Dione Series of headphones at Computex 2010.  For more information on Krator, please visit www.krator-global.com

Surveillance & Security – KGuard Information, as one member of KWorld Group, will be presenting solutions such NVR, CMS, IP camera, PC based DVR, Standalone DVR, Mobile DVR and CCTV camera at Computex 2010 for worldwide consumers.  For more information on KGuard, please visit http://www.kguardsecurity.com