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ATEN Presents the Trendsetting KVM and HDMI Solutions during COMPUTEX 2007

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Press Release

Visit ATEN at Hall 1, Booth D008 / D010 / D012 / D107 / D109 / D111

Taipei, Taiwan, May 24th, 2007. ATEN International, leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of advanced connectivity solutions, today announced that it will unveil trendsetting KVM switch technology at this year's Computex trade show in Taipei (5th – 9th June, 2007). As the leading KVM manufacturer worldwide with a full range of solutions from SOHO to enterprise-class, ATEN will demonstrate new-to-the-market Cat 5 KVM switches, LCD KVM switches, IP-based server management solutions, KVM extenders and HDMI switch at its booth (Hall 1, Booth D008 / D010 / D012 / D107 / D109 / D111).

In the three live demo sections, ATEN will demonstrate the functionalities of its KVM solutions for server room expansion, Over the NET solution for remote server management, and HDMI Video solution for home theater application. Most of these KVM solutions shown at Computex 2007 are newly presented products in the market.

Remote Server Management Solution

Among the remote server management solutions that will be shown to the public for the first time is the economic Cat 5 KVM switch with Over-IP functionality. The 8 or 16-port Cat 5 KVM switch provides remote access to the connected KVM switches or servers via LAN, WAN, or the Internet. The various CPU modules are designed for automatic conversions that allowed flexible control of any server interface combinations (PS/2, USB, Sun and Serial). Furthermore, the Cat 5 cable (or higher) connection extends the distance between the KVM switch and server up to 40 meters.

ATEN will also unveil a new KVM on the NET™ device that enables network administrators to remotely access KVM switches and servers via LAN, WAN or the Internet. This product has enhanced functionalities such as dual interface for PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice in the computer or KVM ports, remote storage support with USB ports that allows virtual storage devices to be sent up on the host and accessed from the client, and a local USB console to support additional access to the rack. The KVM on the NET™ is a value-added product providing remote access and an enhancement of the existing KVM infrastructure.

Matrix KVM Solution

Another product innovation ATEN will showcase at Computex 2007 is a new entry-level 2-console, 16-port Matrix KVM switch with two USB virtual media ports for each console. This product supports USB CD-ROM and Flash media for efficient server management, and supports up to 96 user accounts. The new entry-level Matrix KVM switch uses Cat 5 (or higher) cable connection. It not only supports multiplatform servers (PC, Mac, Sun and Serial), but also has the combo console interface (PS/2 and USB).

Dual Rail LCD KVM Solution

For the LCD KVM Solution, ATEN will introduce the first Cat 5 Dual Rail 19" LCD KVM switch in the world. The new 8 or 16 port LCD KVM switch features multiplatform support for PS/2, USB, Sun and serial environments. In addition, a new Cat 5 Dual Rail LCD Combo Console will be part of the live demonstration. This console offers dual interface that supports servers and KVM switches with PS/2 or USB keyboard and mice.

ATEN's innovative dual rail design allows the LCD monitor and keyboard/touchpad to slide independently. To comfortably monitor and troubleshoot servers, administrators can slide back the keyboard/touchpad and leave the monitor in plain sight – even with the server rack door closed.

HDMI Video Solution

The major highlight within ATEN's video solution is the newly introduced 4-port HDMI HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) switch VS481 – a milestone product with which ATEN has reached the consumer video market. The VS481 is HDMI 1.2 certified and HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant, and offers four HDMI input ports, thus allowing users to quickly and easily share their HDMI display devices with up to four HDMI input sources, such as HD DVD players, satellite systems, digital camcorders or video game consoles. VS481 features user-friendly design with one of the four HDMI input ports located on the front panel. Thus, users can easily access devices, such as digital camcorders, without having to move the HDMI switch for connection. A remote control unit and pushbuttons located on the switch are available for selecting the input source of choice.

KVM Extender Solution

In the framework of the demo sections, ATEN will introduce a brand-new Extender solution – the CE800 Audio KVM Extender. The CE800 features Cat 5 cable connection between the local and remote units, thus extending the distance between the computer system and the console up to 250 meters. The device supports USB consoles (USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor) as well as stereo microphone and speakers. CE800 provides an additional USB outlet for easy file sharing capability, and supports remote mass storage.

To find out more about ATEN's new innovative products, please visit us during Computex Taipei 2007 at Hall 1, Booth D008 / D010 / D012 / D107 / D109 / D111.