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New RADEON HD2000 Series From GECUBE Promises Super Performance For Ultra Realism

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Press Release

(Taipei, 2007.05.14) The next generation graphics card that gaming fanatics and senior editors have all been waiting for this year – the HD2900XT series – is here. Today, market leader GECUBE announced this bright new series-- HD2000 family. In the HD2000 series, the HD2900XT uses the most advanced PCI-Express -- the ATI Radeon R600XT chipset. It has all the features a user may need such as built-in HDMI support, 5.1 surround sound, DX10 support, GDDR3 512MB and VIVO (Video-In Video-Out) while delivering outstanding performance in 3D Mark06. To let gamers experience the difference between DX10 games and DX9, “The Black Box” gaming bundle contains three DX10 games: Half-Life 2®, Team Fortress 2® and Portal™. This great deal offer will give you the chance to experience real world performance beyond your wildest dreams. GECUBE is also offering the HD2600 and HD2400 series for intermediate users. With GECUBE’s exclusive designs these are sure to satisfy the needs of different users.

The HD2900XT is the GECUBE premium graphics card product based on ATI’s new generation 2000 series. The ATI Radeon HD2900XT delivers The Ultimate Visual experienceTM through best-in-class immersive high-definition multimedia playback. It supports the latest HD VIDEO graphics card technology and image processing techniques using a Radeon R600XT ASIC. Not only matched with GDDR3 512MB high speed memory but also built the 512-bit memory bandwidth. The HD2900XT offers native CrossFire technology, opening the door for a wide variety of multi-GPU configurations and eliminating the need for any master cards. Two premium HD2900XT cards will surely deliver performance to rival that of a Ferrari. This HD2900XT edition comes with built-in support for HDMI and 5.1 surround sound. The Dual-Link DVI is also completely compatible with HDCP, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray for resolutions of 1080p. The core and memory timings are also an impressive 740MHz/1.65GHz, allowing the card to offer the latest 24X anti-aliasing and high speed 128-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range). The latest architecture is designed with 320 Unified Stream Processors and Physics processing support, allowing the card to easily out-perform other cards in its class in 3D Mark06 benchmark tests in the market. The performance of this high performance card is something that gamers will truly appreciate.

The HD2600 series exclusive from GECUBE uses the ATI Radeon RV630XT chipset equipped with GDDR4 512MB high speed memory and the X-Turbo2 silent fan technology. Through the industry-leading R&D capability of GECUBE, these deliver unbelievable results. The HD2400 series released to the market at the same time uses the ATI Radeon RV610 chipset equipped with DDR2 256MB memory. It also has built-in HDMI to deliver crispy high definition video. The GECUBE Radeon HD2600 and HD2400 series all support the latest UVD (Universal Video Decoder) video processing technology. This means 1080p/1080i (HD2600), Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are all supported, not only making the resulting images more detailed and realistic but also ensuring that your computer stays cool and quiet during the decoding process.

All HD2000 series products currently support the latest DirectX10 (DX10) technology. The Geometry Shader has been added to the DX10 standard, enhancing 3D functions like distance bump mapping. Graphical data can also be processed in separate cycles to give a major boost to the number of particles, colors and brightness. The included Shader Model 4.0 image optimization technology guarantees that what you see from the Radeon 2000 series will have game screens and lines that you could swear were real. This new generation VGA family will definitely show you the perfect visual experience.