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Info-Tek Releases Radeon X800GT Graphics Card

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Taipei–Aug. 10, 2005 --Info-Tek Corporation, production supplier for the leading global graphics card brand GECUBETM, announced today the release of the GECUBE RADEON® X800GT graphics card. The GECUBE RADEON® X800GT PCIe graphics card, which is equipped with the ATI X800GT core graphics chip, comes in 128MB or 256MB memory versions priced at £99 GBP and £118 GBP, respectively.

Compared to similar products on the market, the GECUBE RADEON® X800GT graphics card has become a hot topic for discussion in the industry – this "star product" leads its competitors by a wide margin both in performance and price. The X800GT supports 8-pixel pipelines and boasts a core clock speed of 475 MHz.

In the future, GECUBE plans to release DDR, DDR2, and GDDR3 memory modules, all of which will include GECUBE's proprietary Uni-WiseTM low-noise fan. GECUBE is also releasing a "high-power" overclocking version of the X800GT in limited quantities, which features clock and memory speeds of up to 500MHz. This version offers consumers a high-performance product at a low, competitive price.

Larry Yeo, General Manager of Info-Tek's Multimedia Business Unit said, "The GECUBE RADEON X800GT is the product that consumers have been waiting for. Info-Tek especially targets the needs of different consumers, using different memory structures while improving efficiency in all areas. GECUBE's prices have also become more competitive, making it the inevitable, high-quality choice for the gaming enthusiast."

About Info-Tek and GECUBETM

"GECUBE” is a brand name of Info-Tek Taiwan's Multimedia Products Division. Products under this brand name include graphics cards and other computer peripheral hardware products.

Info-Tek Corporation was established in 1990 as a dedicated Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) manufacturer of boards and cards for the PC industry. Throughout fifteen years of rapid expansion, Info-Tek has established five production bases: one in Taiwan and four in mainland China, in Suzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan and Shenzhen. Info-Tek also works on technology development, applications and advanced automation technologies to provide domestic and international customers with high quality OEM processing and manufacturing services. Info-Tek officially went public on the Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange (8183) in March 2005, and is currently working to establish an even more comprehensive sales and service network and move toward becoming a professional electronics manufacturing