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GeCube® Announces GC-R9800XT-D3 3D Graphics Accelerator with 256MB High Speed Memory

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GeCube today announces its GC-R9800XT-D3 graphics accelerators, powered by ATi’s High-End Radeon 9800 XT graphics processors, and provides a high performance 256MB DDR function to the enthusiast graphics market.

The GC-R9800XT-D3 is the state of the art in computer graphics. Successor to the RADEON 9800 PRO, the R9800XT-D3 expands what is visually possible on the PC. Real-time cinematic rendering, outstanding performance, and high-quality gaming are hallmarks of the RADEON 9800 SERIES experience.

The R9800XT-D3 is also the graphics processor to be able to render up to eight pixels simultaneously with full floating point precision. This is accomplished by eight parallel 128-bit floating-point rendering pipelines, each with its own independent texture unit and pixel shader engine. The texture unit of each rendering pipeline can sample up to 16 textures in a single rendering pass. These textures can be one-, two-, or three-dimensional, with bilinear, tri-linear, or anisotropic filtering applied depending on the desired quality level

The R9800XT-D3 is the first product to incorporate SMARTSHADER™ 2.1 technology, ATI’s second generation of programmable vertex and pixel shader acceleration. Designed to be much more powerful and flexible than first-generation shader technology, SMARTSHADER 2.1 will for the first time enable the transition of movie-quality effects into real-time games and other interactive applications. As the first complete implementation of Microsoft® DirectX® 9.X, the industry standard API for graphics, it will also be fully compatible with current and future revisions of OpenGL®.

The R9800XT-D3 advances the state of the art in every aspect of its design. It was created with the goal of not only making today’s and tomorrow’s games and other 3D applications look better than ever before, but to open up entirely new possibilities for visual entertainment. GeCube R9800XT-D3 is definitely trustworthy in terms of the most complete range of 3D gaming solutions and unparalleled performance.