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Albatron releases Radeon HD 4890 1,024MB

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Taipei – April, 02, 2009 – To bring consumers various choices, professional motherboard and graphics card manufactures, Albatron Technology Co., LTD. announces Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G.

Full line of ATI products will be available soon to the market.

Astonishing Powerful Performance  

Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G is based on ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU by advanced 55nm process, the fastest GDDR5 memory, and 800 stream processors. With massive graphic power, its data rate can speed up to 3.9Gbps. It can help increasing users’ working efficiency and playing 3D game without lag. For professional users, they can set their own overclock mode; moreover, collocating ATI OverDrive™ utility and ATI CrossFire Technology, Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G can blurt its power and performance up to next level.

Easy to Enjoy Ultimate HD Experience

AMD is devoted to video and graphics technologies, so Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G can support enhanced DirectX10.1 and innovative technologies, such as Unified Video Decoder 2, Accelerated Encoding, Blue-ray PIP and etc, to let users enjoy true-to-life visual experience. Extraordinarily, Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G is equipped with integrated HDMI with 7.1 digital surround sound support. Therefore, with a HD monitor, it is easy to set up an exquisite theater in office or at home for high quality entertainment.

For power saving, through Dynamic Power Management Technology, Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G can automatically adjust power consumption for optimal performance. In addition to power efficiency, Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G complies in full with RoHS standard. For more information, please visit: