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GECUBE Unleashes HD4850 1.0GB Overlocking Series

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August XX 2008, Taipei) – Info-Tek GECUBE, the renowned Taiwanese graphics card maker, released the HD4850 Overlocking series with a Zalman fan onboard in July. This proved a great success on the market thanks to its spectacular gaming and video playback performance. To capitalize on its popularity among enthusiasts and consumers, The GECUBE team has now developed a more advanced offering in the form of the HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series. The new HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series includes an exclusive ceramic fan that delivers not only an ultra-quiet working environment, but also extreme performance. The new card also comes with the RV770PRO 2nd generation 55nm chipset, the PCI-Express 2.0 interface, full support for DirectX10.1/SM4.1 and ATI CrossFireX™ technologies but also built-in HDCP, HDMI, Blu-Ray and HDVD decoder support. Thanks to its exceptional overclocking performance and upgraded video imaging technology, users will be able to enjoy a new level of visual effects.

GECUBE's newly introduced HD4850 1.0GB Overlocking series incorporates ATI's HD4800 series technology with the RV770PRO 2nd generation 55nm GPU and increases onboard GDDR3 memory from 512MB to 1.0GB. The new generation TeraScale graphics engine increases the frequency of the stream processor to 800MHz, allowing the HD4580 1.0GB Overclocking series to achieve core and memory frequencies of up to 650MHz/993*2MHz. On top of the improvements in performance, the new card is equipped with DirectX10.01/SM4.1, ATI CrossFireX™ and 24X Anti-Aliasing technologies to present enthusiasts with the finest high-definition 3D gaming visuals and a realistic cinematic experience. The Overclocking series includes HDMI and HDCP output as well an upgraded 7.1 channel. It incorporates the latest UVD 2 (Unified Video Decoder 2) and fully supports the newest Dual-Stream, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features in Blu-Ray and HD DVD. Exceptional technology combined with ultimate vide playback delivers the finest image quality in the most lifelike manner at resolutions of 1080p and beyond.

The HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series is also the first time that a ceramic fan has been used by GECUBE in its graphics cards. The perfect ceramic bearing system is based around a ceramic axis and high-precision alloy oil bearings, delivering a more stable operating environment and effectively reducing the amount of noise produced by the graphics card.  For heat dissipation, the card combines dual-fan and quadheatpipes designs to quickly dissipate the heat under load and deliver superior cooling performance. The high precision, low noise and cool running design allows for an even higher level of detail in videos and 3D games. For users, this translates into the best video quality and the most realistic 3D visual effects without heat and noise.

The GECUBE HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series use second-generation 55nm, which when combined with the latest TeraScale graphics engine, deliver optimal and efficient performance and meantime, maintain high-resolution image quality while processing many game programs. The GECUBE HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series includes the latest DirectX 10.1 technology. It offers 32-bit floating point filtering support and breaks new ground in illumination quality with the use of Global Illumination technology, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) illumination are also boosted. The addition of Geometry Shader technology in particular accelerates the processing of 3D effects such as bump mapping. Graphics data can now be cycled within the graphics card itself, greatly improving the realism of particles and shadows. DX10.1 includes Shader Model 4.1 image optimization technology as well as the upgraded all-new 7.1 channel surround sound and the ATI Avivo™ HD Video graphics technology designed for HDTV and HD Video aficionados. allows GECUBE HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series to achieve perfect audio and video performance as well as excellent 3D gaming visuals. With its upgraded technologies and perfect fan design, the GECUBE HD4850 1.0GB Overclocking series proves once again GECUBE's strength in R&D and commitment to providing consumers with even better choices.

Product Name GC-XHD485XPG3-F3A
(O.C Edition)
ASIC RV770PRO (55nm) RV770PRO (55nm)
Core/Memory 650MHz/993*2MHz 625 MHz/993*2 MHz
Unified shader Yes Yes
Shader Mode 4.1 4.1
Direct X 10.1 10.1
Memory Bus 256-bit 256-bit
Memory Type GDDR3, 1.0GB GDDR3, 1.0GB
Video Processing Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD 2) Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD 2)
Interface  PCI Express 2.0 PCI Express 2.0
TV-Out S/HDTV-out S/HDTV-out
DVI Dual DVI (Dual-ink, HDCP) Dual DVI (Dual-ink, HDCP)
D-Sub Yes (by Dongle) Yes (by Dongle)
Built-in HDMI Yes (by DVI to HDMI dongle) Yes (by DVI to HDMI dongle)
YPbPr cable (default included)
HDTV by S to
YPbPr cable (default included)
Multi-VPU Support Native ATI CrossFireXTM Support Native ATI CrossFireXTM Support
Cooling Dual Slot Fansink (O.C edition) Dual Slot Fansink


For more information, please visit GECUBE website: www.gecube.com