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Alphacool launches Susurro fan for radiators

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The German company Alphacool presents a new fan named Susurro, which has been optimized for the use on radiators. The name Susurro, which essential means whisper, already implies the focus on a low noise level.

To fully satisfy the silent ambitions, the fan offers a very low starting voltage of only 2.5 volts. As a result a wide speed range of 350 - 1700 rpm is guaranteed.

Technical data:

dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm

rated RPM: 1700 U/min ±10%

power consumption: 4,2 Watt

conveying capacity: 164m³/h

start voltage: 2,5V ± 10%

voltage range: 2,5V ~ 13,8V

loudness: 22,5 dBA

static pressure: 3,88 mmH2O

connection: 3 Pin Molex

Another extra is a new silicone frame to ensure a precise seal with the radiator. In addition, the frame also reduces vibrations and vibration noise. The Susurro thus has all the essential virtues that make a good radiator fan. Due to the high static pressure and the specific impeller design, the Susurro is of course also useable with air coolers or as a case fan.

With a price of only 12.95 € the Alphacool Susurro offers an excellent value for money. The fan is available from now on at Aquatuning and in the Alphacool webshop.




The responsible editor "Grinsemann" from www.hardwaremAx.net writes:

"With the Susurro Alphacool not just brings another fan on the market that features a great optic, the manufacturer managed to combine all the wishes of a water cooling enthusiast in his product: an enormously wide control range, an extremely low starting voltage, a long-life bearings, parasitic noise free operation in the low speed range and high efficiency, even at very low rotation speeds."


About Alphacool

Alphacool as a pioneer and traditional manufacturer draws on decades of experience in the design of high-performance water cooling products and has a huge experience on the subject of water cooling. Besides the award winning coolers and radiators from the NexXxos Series Alphacool offers optimized pumps, high-low fittings and much more for water cooling enthusiasts.