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Phanteks Announces Glacier D140 Distribution Plate

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands – July 26th, 2019 –  Phanteks today announced the new additions to the Glacier Series, the D140 distribution plate, R220C and R160C reservoirs. The Glacier line offers a premium and easy building experience for any type of users.  

Glacier D140

The Glacier D140 is a universal distribution plate that has been designed to perfectly fit in an ATX chassis with a rear 140mm fan position. Whether you are building your first loop or you are a watercooling enthusiast, the universal distribution plate simplifies your routing to create stunningly streamlined builds. The plate features integrated Digital-RGB lighting and air vents to allow for airflow across the motherboard’s critical components. 

Glacier R160C & R220C

Glacier R160C and R220C, a reservoir solution with DDC pump mount for you watercooling needs. The redesigned R160C and R220C features a transparent backplate that creates a spacious look while delivering an immersive lighting experience for your build.  The R160C and R220C have a unique inner routing design to help minimize air bubbles. The reservoirs come included with an easy to mount bracket that fits directly on a 120/140mm fan or radiator. 


Glacier D140 Distribution Plate: €99.90   £89.99

Glacier R220C Reservoir:   €99.90   £89.99

Glacier R160C Reservoir:   €79.90   £71.99

Available By The End of July 2019


Phanteks strives to develop top quality and superior products, we continuously pursue excellence in developing new products to bring satisfaction to PC enthusiasts and computer users everywhere.