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Phanteks announces Glacier Radeon VII water block

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands – June 12th, 2019 –  Phanteks today announces its first AMD waterblock designed specifically for the AMD Radeon VII graphic card.  Engineered to deliver high cooling performance, the Glacier Radeon VII is the latest addition to the Glacier Series. 

Like all our Glacier Series products, the waterblock comes with anodized or chrome plated cover plates, polished acrylic surface, and a high-quality nickel finish copper base. The water block features minimalistic design that covers the entire PCB and is compatible with the original Radeon VII backplate to highlight your hardware. 

The integrated Digital-RGB lighting illuminates the whole waterblock evenly and can be synced with other D-RGB products and motherboards. 

The full cover waterblock directly cools the GPU, RAM and VRM efficiently thanks to the optimized high flow routing design. This ensures optimal performance and cooling to keep the GPU stable even at high clock speeds or massive workloads. 

The Glacier Series Waterblocks will be available in Satin Black and Chrome color finishes and with Digital-RGB lighting.


Glacier Radeon VII Waterblock:  €149.90 / £133.99

Availability June 2019


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