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Phanteks launches Glacier C3674i Narrow/Square water blocks

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands – June 12th, 2019 - Phanteks today announced the release of the new Glacier CPU waterblocks that are specifically developed for Intel’s LGA 3647 (Socket P) processors. With the new generations of Xeon processors from Intel, a high-performance cooling solution like the new Glacier CPU blocks are needed to maximize the full potential of the new Xeon processors.

The CPU waterblocks are made from premium materials and the finest standard of craftsmanship to ensure maximum cooling performance. The waterblocks are designed to provide better performance, reliability and durability without sacrificing quality. Both water blocks feature a thick copper base with large fin array to bring a higher level of heat transfer and capacity that allows for extreme cooling performance and optimal heat dissipation. Integrated D-RGB lighting solution with an acrylic top cover provides an elegant look to the high-performance CPU water blocks.

The CPU blocks will be available in two options: Narrow and Square.


Glacier C3647i Narrow/Square Waterblock: €129.99 / £116.99


Phanteks strives to develop top quality and superior products, we continuously pursue excellence in developing new products to bring satisfaction to PC enthusiasts and computer users everywhere.