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Just on time, at the turn of the year CHIEFTEC with the AEGIS CX-05 presents a new Gamer chassis. Optically, the new AEGIS CX-05 captivates by its bicolor front, split-up into two. Behind the upper front flap, a 3½” and four 5¼” bays are concealed. A smart idea is the practical DVD/CD mounting plate behind the lower flap, which can easily accommodate up to 10 discs. Between the two flaps of the front panel are installed with all connections, within grasping height, which are needed for an unlimited gaming pleasure. These include the status LED, I/O and RESET switches, Mic in, LINE out (HD ready), two USB 2,0 ports, as well as an eSATA (eXternal Serial ATA) connection, with which it is possible to connect and operate high-speed external HDD based on eSATA. The honeycombed mesh Design of the two front panel flaps ensures an optimal air-flow with cooling effect. With an overall height of 524 mm, a width of 205mm and a depth 540mm, the AEGIS CX-05 chassis offers not only sufficient place for the employment of mATX and ATX mainboards, but also for the popular server/dual processor boards in the E-ATX format.

Seven HDDs may be installed into a separately cooled compartment. The cooling is effected through three optional 92mm fans, installable on the side of the chassis. The HDDs can be installed tool-free owing to the patented installation rails. The troublesome search for the adequate screws to mount the 51/4” bays is equally solved by the smart screws, which replace the conventional rail solution in an ingenious way, are easy-to-reach on the inside the chassis. The central ventilation of the interior of the chassis is realised by two optional 120mm case fans, whereby the fan in the top cover simply has to be clicked into/unto the existing mounting plate. The second fan is screwed onto the rear side of the chassis. The generous perforation of the side panel provides for a continuous air-flow and can thereby also be used in reaching very positive illumination effects. Add-on cards can be fixed either by means of a quick-locking, tool-free mechanism or bolted traditionally. It is only natural that the AEGIS CX-05 fulfils the RoHS guidelines. Gamers, who decide to go for the AEGIS CX-05, get in return, a reliable, trendy and futuristic chassis.