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Even a creature from outer space should know you can't buy a good review on HEXUS

by Bob Crabtree on 30 October 2006, 07:42

Tags: Alienware (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Brian M. Joyce, Senior Vice President Alienware Europe got in touch and had this to say:

Dear HEXUS staff and readership,

After speaking at length with Paul and David regarding this regrettable episode, I’d like to share with you Alienware’s position on the events and opinions surrounding it.

The first thing to note is that the review of PCs is not as simple as some might think, for either side. A great deal of effort is required to ensure that the reviewer’s requirements are met. This is important as, no matter how objective the reviewer or publication, there is an inherently subjective element to every review. In order to avoid misrepresentations, it is vital to manage both sides’ expectations correctly. Unfortunately, there were a series of miscues leading up to the review of the Area-51 7500, and the result was disappointing to Alienware. This prompted a review of our internal procedures with the objective of eliminating any such miscommunications in future. At no point was any decision made not to send further review systems to HEXUS.

Similarly, it is not now and has never been Alienware policy or practice to, “only submit products to publications which will write nice things about ‘Alienware’.” Any statement suggesting Alienware takes that type of approach is simply untrue. Alienware products and services stand on their own merit. Over 60% of our sales come from word of mouth through family or friends. That wouldn’t be the case if the product were consistently misrepresented.

HEXUS has an obvious and laudable commitment to journalistic integrity. Their dedication to the topic explains the somewhat emotional exchange following the comment that, “That was and remains Alienware's global marketing strategy from the beginning. We're hardly alone.” That comment was intended as a reference to the fact that any organisation’s objective is to represent its product in the best possible light, which, it is important to emphasise, is not mutually exclusive from representing products fairly and accurately.

Alienware sincerely regrets this miscommunication and the negative perceptions engendered by it for both Alienware and HEXUS. We are both committed to learning from this and look forward to further reviews of Alienware products on HEXUS


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My personal view is that if a company wants a good review, they should put their efforts into engineering a good product.

Makes too much sense, I guess.
My personal view is that if a company wants a good review, they should put their efforts into engineering a good product.

Makes too much sense, I guess.

Totally agreed. I've never had a “rider” on a review, but it seems that a whole lot of companies really want good reviews or nothing.

Same as you I believe in honestly reviewing a product for it's worth, rather than in the intention to get another product.
It doesn't surprise me that this happened - the amount of reviews lately where I have seen and used hardware that other sites have reviewed which I know is either awful or has critical flaws received glowing reviews.

It just so happened that same glowing review was topped with a banner ad from the manufacturer.

We have to get this corruption out of the general review market - we at HEXUS are honest and truthful - always have been, always will be.

It's a very long time since I ventured into the forums here, but this story has raised my hackles somewhat.
I'm not naive enough to suppose that it hasn't happened or doesn't elsewhere, but I was definately surprised to hear this from the parties involved.

I must admit, I was one of those secretly hoping the Dell acquisition would mean a new line of top spec but more reasonably priced large volume systems.
As someone who likes to build his own customised setup, I would never have touched an Alienware system purely on the cost analysis, despite having first hand experience of them and their admittedly very desirable styling and build quality.

Thouroughly disappointed in the unprofessional attitude and lack of ethics that seem to be exhibited on the surface, I just hope this doesn't go any further towards the core of the business. :(
The worse thing about this is that the guy thats emailing you is getting pressure from his execs and i bet you hes going to be only one that goes down for it.

Good Job Hexus, i am proud to be your member ;)