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QOTW: How often do you upgrade your PC?

by Parm Mann on 26 April 2013, 17:00

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New PC hardware continues to launch at a rapid pace and, outside of the annual architecture refresh for CPUs and GPUs, there are plenty of other attractive developments in the interim.

A new version of Windows or a demanding must-play game can often be a contributing factor, or perhaps you just see something that you feel you can't do without.

I remember tinkering with my own machine frequently in the past, as I sought better performance and lower temperatures, but I haven't upgraded my Sandy Bridge PC since late 2011, and though there's plenty of exciting new hardware on the horizon, I reckon my current build will serve me well for at least a few more years.

But let's hear it from you, the readers. How old is your current machine? Are you the kind of user who has to have each new generation of GPU? Or do you upgrade only when it's absolutely necessary? Either way, we want to know: how often do you upgrade your PC?

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I do small upgrades every 5-8 months. (Like upgrading RAM, new CPU cooler that kind of stuff)
I used to go through the upgrade mill and buy a few parts a year. But in the last 7ish years I've more or less just moved from building one machine to the next when the machine becomes too slow to be useful. The old machine gets relegated to server duties and the new machine (every 4ish years) becomes the desktop and the old server gathers dust.
I'll upgrade when I either feel the need to because something is bottlenecking my machine, or when something comes out that is such a good price that I can't resist buying it. It also depends on whether or not I have enough money to upgrade.
I upgrade when I can't run the latest game I have bought maxed out in the settings. It doesn't cost so much if you get a good price on an upgrade and sell off all the old parts they are replacing.
For me, it's usually only when it becomes necessary. It doesn't stop me from wanting to upgrade to better before then, but I would have to be able to justify it to myself and can rarely seem to.