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QOTW: Shut down or sleep?

by Parm Mann on 22 January 2021, 16:31

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Here's an age old question with no definite answer: what should you do when you're not using your PC, shut down or put it to sleep? There are pros and cons either way, while some might suggest leaving the PC on at all times, but it always makes for an interesting debate.

Me personally, I'm old fashioned and prefer to shut down completely. I still recall early sleep implementations regularly falling foul of incompatible third-party drivers that would wake the device whenever they saw fit. Though the tech has improved dramatically, old habits die hard and with an SSD at the helm, waiting for a PC to cold boot is only a minor inconvenience.

How about you, do you favour shut down or sleep? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Shut down 95% of the time.
When I step away from the PC at the end of the day I tend to go to sleep, but I think my subconcious carries on so I wouldn't call it a shut-down, that sounds a bit too final!
Neither - hibernate!
Shutdown all the time.

I used to sleep until one day, when I wake it from sleep it started to lag the audio on videos on youtube etc. Never figured out why, so since then it was full shutdown. Hibernate is totally disabled on my PC now.

Plus with SSD's startup time is <20 secs.

@ik9000 LOL
Well seeing as I'm off to bed when I turn the pc off it's a full shutdown in my case.

Don't see the point in hibernate/sleep when I'm running ssd's, not to mention the ‘wasted’ space it uses.