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QOTW: Which PC components did you upgrade in 2020?

by Parm Mann on 18 December 2020, 16:31

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2020 has proven to be a challenging and chaotic year in more ways than one, yet if you happen to be a tech enthusiast, you might look back fondly at some of the hardware that has been introduced in the past 12 months.

For the PC aficionado, upgrade opportunities have been nothing but intriguing, and though stock of the latest hardware has been hard to come by these past few months, it's been entertaining to see the industry's big hitters slug it out with new release after new release.

No shortage of temptation, but we're always curious to learn which hardware has proven popular with the HEXUS faithful. That being the case, let us ask: which PC components did you upgrade in 2020? Let us know using the comments facility below, and as always, feel free to tell us how said upgrades are working out.

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Are you joking? I cant get hold of anything i want!
Couldn't get a 3080 so haven't really bothered this year.

Upgraded my chair (does that count?), best upgrade I have made in years, considering how much I am having to use it.
whole machine except GPU and I wonder why that didn't get changed….

3900x, x570, NVme, it's a whole new world for me after 10 years with the old system.

The one thing that stayed was the keyboard. I actually wanted to get a new one but decent wired USB true UK keyboards for <Ā£10 are few and far between and non have the slim profile and power/wake/sleep buttons this one does.
Are you joking? I cant get hold of anything i want!

Same!, I'll upgrade my PC next summer (if there's any stuff to buy!) so I upgraded my monitor 1080p 60hz >>> 1440p 144hz with VRR/freesync, I love it but now I need a better PC to use it! :(
Just the one, I bought a 32" widescreen.