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QOTW: How long does your PC take to boot?

by Parm Mann on 1 May 2020, 16:31

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There are many ways in which to test the performance of a PC, but even the simplest metrics can be informative. They don't come much simpler than boot time, and what could be more important than being able to get to work without having to wait around?

Some of our older readers will recall how sluggish the process used to be, but these days our systems are able to fire up before we've managed to get seated. Always an interesting point of discussion, so for this week's question we're asking; how long does your PC take to boot?

There are many methods of taking such measurements, but we're going to ask you to perform a cold boot the old-fashioned way. Take a stopwatch and time how long it takes from the moment you press the power button for the OS desktop to come into view (if, like us, you're really pedantic, you may want to wait for the tray icons to fully appear).

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9 secs….
Usually a tad slower
Not quite sure 16 or 18 Seconds, freakishly fast this one.
Okay it is about a year since i timed it, hence why i am not quite sure.
I have to wait 3-5 seconds before my internet are on, that have never been a issue before.

Only thing that PO me is my screen come on by itself when the PC are off, you can see it by the LED and also the LCD as it is not like it is black when it is black if you know what i mean.
But i have not been able to find a solution to this, so the 5 seconds or so before it turn off again i just have to live with a guess, i can not change from DP to HDMI as my Iiyama screen only support freesync on the DP input.

One day when i remember it i am going to put a camera on the monitor to see how many times it do it during a night.
long enough for me to change my glasses and sit down.
completely ignoring the method you want us to use and looking in Task manager on the startup tab. it says Last BIOS Time 45.1 Seconds.
which is a long time. longer than the 30 ish it took on Phenom 2 computer.

I turn it on, one of the LED's cycles through orange, red, green, white, then it goes BEEP. theres a white _ symbol blinking on the screen for ages, then it shows the ROG logo for about 3 seconds, then win10 logo comes on screen, the rotatey symbol barely has enough time to do one of those rotatey things. then BLAM windows desktop. antivrus and nvidia settings notification icons second or so later.

I hope the long wait at the start is to do with the mechanical drives and 2 external WD Elements taking their time to turn on, so the BIOS can sort the drive order thing it does.
it did seem to only take that long after installing windows then plugging them all in. was super speedy with only 1 SSD in it.
About 20 seconds - enough time to get a quick beverage ready!