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  • Review: Dracula Origin - PC

    Dracula Origin - PC

    17 June 2008, 16:05

    Mysteries, enigmas, love, thrills and vampires…. Dracula: Origin brings Bram Stoker's fantasy to life in point-and-click adventure. '

  • Trackmania series expands

    Trackmania series expands

    21 May 2008, 16:15

    Free download and new updated version available this Friday.

  • Sins of a Solar Empire expansion set in stone

    Sins of a Solar Empire expansion set in stone

    4 April 2008, 08:20

    During an interview with the President and CEO of Stardock, it was revealed that the popular 4X strategy game, Sins of a Solar Empire, will receive an expansion in the ...


    10 March 2008, 10:18

    Hard To Be A God, the new action and adventure game from Ascaron to be released in April, has an enviable variety of weapons, enemies and gameplay.

  • Speedball 2 crashes into stores

    Speedball 2 crashes into stores

    11 February 2008, 10:05

    The first Speedball league, founded in 2095, fails due to violence and corruption. As the organisation gave place to anarchy, the game is forced underground, but five years later, from ...

  • Hard-hitting Speedball 2 demo now available

    Hard-hitting Speedball 2 demo now available

    1 February 2008, 09:09

    PC players can now choose from one of the two tough teams, Tigers or Brutal Deluxe, to play in a single player knock-out mode of Speedball 2.

  • A date with Ascaron and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Xbox 360 & PC

    A date with Ascaron and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Xbox 360 & PC

    8 November 2007, 09:48

    We recently went hands-on with Ascaron's action RPG, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Have a read of our initial impressions the this Diablo-esque magical monster slaying fest.

  • Speedball 2 coming to Steam

    Speedball 2 coming to Steam

    5 November 2007, 11:29

    It's not due to hit the shops till February 2008, but Eurogamer claim that Speedball 2: Tournament will be available via Steam this November.

  • Democracy - PC

    Democracy - PC

    5 November 2007, 09:22

    Democracy is the political strategy game from Ascaron in which you step into the shoes of the Prime Minister and need think strategically to secure your position for as long ...

  • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Xbox 360 & PC

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Xbox 360 & PC

    2 July 2007, 09:07

    Ascaron release some new screenshots from their magical action-RPG. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. The first Sacred game was considered very similar in style to Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo series, and this ...

  • Hands-on - Sherlock Holmes : The Awakened - PC

    30 January 2007, 13:26


  • UFO: Aftershock - PC

    15 October 2005, 22:14

    After almost two years of development by ALTAR Interactive, UFO: Aftershock has reached the Gold Master stage

  • DarkStar One - PC

    19 September 2005, 00:00

    DarkStar One, from Ascaron Entertainment promises to deliver fast-paced action within a vast universe with, so the developers claim, spectacular graphics, freedom of choice, a gripping story and the power ...