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  • VIA APC $49 Android PC exposed at Computex

    VIA APC $49 Android PC exposed at Computex

    5 June 2012, 15:00

    Richard Brown talks us through the Raspberry Pi competitor.

  • CES 2010 - Via are coming on strong with the Via Nano

    CES 2010 - Via are coming on strong with the Via Nano

    11 January 2010, 01:12

    Stewart from Via talks us through the range of Via Nano powered devices showing at CES 2010

  • COMPUTEX 2009 : VIA's Nano - the challenger to Atom?

    COMPUTEX 2009 : VIA's Nano - the challenger to Atom?

    11 June 2009, 10:23

    VIA's Tim Brown talks to Scott about Nano based products and why this is the future.

  • Review: VIA Pico-ITX - not quite the perfect form-factor

    VIA Pico-ITX - not quite the perfect form-factor

    29 February 2008, 23:21

    HEXUS gives you the lowdown on VIA's tiny, tiny Pico-ITX motherboard. Is small really beautiful?

  • Review: Packard Bell EasyNote XS20 sub-1kg notebook

    Packard Bell EasyNote XS20 sub-1kg notebook

    1 February 2008, 08:37

    Packard Bell takes VIA's reference NanoBook design and retails a sub-1kg notebook for £350. Any good?

  • HEXUS.tv :: VIA drive the green issue with mainboards the size of credit cards...

    HEXUS.tv :: VIA drive the green issue with mainboards the size of credit cards...

    28 December 2007, 10:37

    With the current set of SLI/CrossFire systems, we are probably seeing the biggest power draw in history. As more and more focus is given to green issues, we speak with ...

  • Review: Can EQS's RS690IKM-AB6S best VIA's ITX-sized motherboards?

    Can EQS's RS690IKM-AB6S best VIA's ITX-sized motherboards?

    25 October 2007, 13:11

    The EQS RS690IKM-AB6S motherboard packs a lot of punch into a tiny ITX-sized package but does it offer enough to stand out in a market space dominated by VIA?

  • VIA's Future Technology Revealed!

    VIA's Future Technology Revealed!

    26 July 2007, 08:32

    Small/perfectly formed might conjure up thoughts of a Lotus Elan or Penelope Cruz, but can VIA really claim the same for UMD/Ultra Mobile PCs? Nick fills his palms with VIA's ...

  • VIA promise processing without the power (usage)

    VIA promise processing without the power (usage)

    23 July 2007, 09:48

    VP Richard Brown explains how VIA will deliver 'Digital Brilliance' everywhere - in smaller, lighter (cuter?) packaging than ever before...

  • Review: VIA EPIA CN13000

    8 September 2006, 08:23

    It's been a while since we took a peek at an EPIA, VIA Technology's mini-ITX mainboard model line that integrates everything but memories in terms of building a fully working ...

  • Review: ABIT AX8 VIA K8T890 Mainboard

    26 April 2005, 00:00

    ABIT, then, has taken VIA's K8T890 core-logic and engineered a stable, fast, and inexpensive motherboard that carries a reasonable feature-set. Presentation, as usual, is excellent, and enthusiast-orientated options are up ...

  • Review: Tranquil PC T2.e/MCE2005 EPIA-SP Preview

    31 January 2005, 00:00

    EPIA-SP gives Tranquil\'s MCE2005 product in the T2 chassis the performance boost that it needed, to remove some of the sticking points we found in operation. The chassis\' evolution gives ...

  • Review: VIA's PT880 Pro and PT894 Core Logic Preview

    31 January 2005, 00:00

    Starting with PT894, setup alongside VT8251, it\'s clear that VIA have created a low-cost, feature-rich alternative to Intel\'s premium core logic products. PT894 supports the same memory, CPU and graphics ...

  • Review: VIA Epia MII

    24 December 2004, 00:00

    As the popularity of the \'media centre\' grows, what we have here is a perfect system for anyone requiring basic movie and music playback without using a behemoth of a ...

  • Review: ASUS P4S800D-E Deluxe

    5 November 2004, 00:00

    We're more than pleasantly surprised by the P4S800D-E Deluxe, in fact we're positively enthusiastic about its price/performance showing. We're happy to recommend it and be sure to put it on ...

  • Review: ASUS K8N-E Deluxe

    3 November 2004, 00:00

    We've come away from our evaluation of the K8N-E very impressed. Given AMD's announcement recently of the budget Sempron line on Socket 754, along with low cost 2800+ and 3000+ ...

  • Review: Jetway PT800TWIN

    13 September 2004, 00:00

    It\'s a specialist product that works well, but there are a lot of caveats to take into consideration before you\'d do so. You\'ll know straight away if a MagicTwin system ...

  • Review: Chaintech Summit SK8T800 Motherboard

    20 August 2004, 00:00

    Let\'s be clear. The SK8T800 doesn\'t pretend to be an enthusiasts\' board in the least, but a little voltage wouldn\'t have gone astray. Every product should be evaluated with due ...

  • Review: ASUS A8V Deluxe S939 Wireless Edition Motherboard

    14 July 2004, 00:00

    Paired with low-latency memory and a high-end graphics card, the ASUSTeK A8V Deluxe provides excellent performance right across the board. If you\'ve set your heart on a power system and ...

  • Review: ABIT KV8 Pro K8T800 Pro Motherboard

    25 May 2004, 00:00

    This will undoubtedly be ABIT's cheaper S754 VIA K8T800 Pro motherboard. Expect a MAX3 model soon, and we're sure it'll be laden with various cooling gadgets and a few extra ...

  • Review: VIA K8T800 Pro (S940) Chipset

    24 May 2004, 00:00

    The reference board has shown that motherboard manufacturers will have an easy time in switching between present K8T800-based production to Pro boards. We've seen most major manufacturers produce press releases ...

  • Review: AOpen AK86-L K8T800 S754 Motherboard

    26 March 2004, 00:00

    If evaluated in context of its intended pricing structure the AOpen AK86-L deserves to be included on at least a shortlist of boards. It doesn't particularly excel in any one ...

  • Review: VIA KT880 Chipset

    9 March 2004, 00:00

    nForce2 Ultra 400 has been around since July 2003, some seven months. Plain nForce2 has been around for over a year. While KT880 may boast better base features than nForce2 ...

  • Review: ASUS K8V Deluxe and K8V Deluxe Wireless Edition

    5 February 2004, 00:00

    Our first look at Model 3200+ Athlon 64 on K8T800 was an encouraging one. K8V is a well featured, well presented, well laid out board. It performs well, K8T800 deserves ...

  • Review: Albatron K8X800 Pro II

    19 December 2003, 00:00

    You know that feeling of disappointment you get when you're really excited about something that seems so promising, only to be let down by a couple of niggling little details? ...

  • Review: ABIT KV8-MAX3 S754

    4 December 2003, 00:00

    ABIT's first stab at S754 glory is a decent enough attempt. We'd prefer a revised layout that makes installation easier and a newer BIOS that uses AMD's Cool'n'Quiet tech. to ...

  • Review: VIA PT880

    18 November 2003, 00:00

    VIA has come into the dual-channel game a little late for it to make a major impact immediately. It needs to ensure that partners utilise the best parts of the ...

  • Review: AMD Athlon 64 3200 , VIA K8T800, nForce3 150

    6 October 2003, 00:00

    It\'s far too early to say which chipset complements the Athlon 64 better. What's clear is that AMD has risen to a new performance plane with the Athlon 64. Multiplier ...

  • Review: MSI KT6 DELTA-FIS2R KT600

    15 September 2003, 00:00

    If MSI can market this board at, say, £20 lower than a similarly specified nForce2 Ultra 400, we can see a number of OEM system integrators opting for it. The ...

  • Review: VIA PT800 Chipset

    29 August 2003, 00:00

    We feel that VIA needs to ensure that volume chipset supplies are available to its partners, and the partners need to get the boards out to market forthwith. Intel, it ...

  • Review: VIA KT400A Roundup

    26 June 2003, 00:00

    There's a board for everyone in this review and providing you got here (probably by skipping right up, past the good stuff) without dropping off, I'm sure you've found one ...

  • Review: VIA KT600 / EPoX 8KRA2

    26 June 2003, 00:00

    The VIA KT600 chipset is a step in the right direction. VIA needed to match NVIDIA on pure specification before they took them on from a performance viewpoint. The 'upgrade' ...

  • Review: VIA EPIA M10000

    2 June 2003, 00:00

    What do we think overall ?. The EPIA line is all about progression. The latest EPIA M10000 proves that a system doesn\'t require superlative performance to be a viable proposition ...