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HTC Titan 2 boasts show-stopping 16 megapixel camera

by Steven Williamson on 12 January 2012, 09:41

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Among the dozens of impressive new smartphones on show at CES this year, HTC announced its first Windows-based phone to run on a 4G LTE network, the gorgeous-looking HTC Titan II.

Titan II features a 4.7in super LCD capacitive touchscreen, 720p HD video recording via the rear facing camera and video chat over Wi-Fi via its 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.

Though the 1.5GHz Snapdragon S2 processor is impressive enough, the real talking point is the whopping 16 megapixel camera, which comes equipped with many of the features you’d find on a point-and-click camera, including a dual LED flash, red eye reduction, autofocus, image stabilisation, a backside-illuminated sensor and a dedicated button to snap your photos. It also has a F2.6 aperture, perfect for shooting in low-light conditions, and a variety of filters to change the look of your pictures, including Panorama and Burst modes.

HTC’s history of innovation in 4G technology includes delivering the first 4G-powered devices to each major carrier in the U.S., so it is exciting today to continue that leadership with our first 4G LTE Windows Phone, the HTC TITAN II,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corp., said. “This full-featured smartphone combines HTC’s design with AT&T’s high-speed 4G LTE network and Microsoft’s powerful Windows Phone software, giving people more of what they crave.

The HTC Titan II has also received a battery upgrade since the last model, from1600 mAh to 1730 mAH, which should add extra longeivity before the need to charge.

With hardware such as the HTC Titan II behind Microsoft’s operating system, Windows Phones are increasingly becoming serious contenders for your hard-earned cash away from the slew of Android and iOS devices.

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Yes please. Its actually worth an upgrade to this, if it actually makes its way over here.
Hmm. Nice specs but apart from higher res camera not that different from the other high end android phones. I'm just not a fan of metro so its no from me.
16mp camera is nice - but surely without decent optics (including optical zoom) then surely this is all just blatant specmanship? :p

To be honest I'd be more impressed by someone (cough, cough - like Sony for example) who came out with a lower res, say 6-8Mpix, camera on a phone coupled with 3-4x optical zoom. I've seen thin digital camera that use some witchcraft to keep the zooming part of the lens inside the body, so surely it must be possible on a device that's not being optimised for thinness.

If WP7 had better app support - particularly a decent satnav app - then I'd seriously consider it. Otherwise I'll be staying with Android come contract renewal time.
16mp camera is nice - but surely without decent optics (including optical zoom) then surely this is all just blatant specmanship? :p…..

It could be a trillion pixel sensor, and if the lens is a poor relation to a 17th century milk bottle bottom, you'll still get lousy photos.

This reality is trickling down to users of proper cameras, hence lenses from (or at least, to the standards of) Leica, Schneider and Carl Zeiss, etc, even on some relatively low-end compacts.

Also, I wonder what anyone using a phone for a camera will do with a 16MP image that they can't do with an 8MP image …. or even a 5MP image, for that matter. I've got an ancient (about 10 years) Olympus point and shoot camera with a really, REALLY good lens, and it will (and has) done a very job job of images printed up to about A3.

So unless you're either printing on the (whole) side of a lorry (unlikely) or cropping to a very small part of the image (plausible, but then, the picture was taken from the wrong place) 1 16MP sensor will make almost no real-world difference to users …. except for bragging rights about the size of their ….. sensor.
So basically this is exactly the same as the HTC Titan that I own, apart from having a slightly better camera and LTE support..the former of which is not worth a £400-£500 upgrade, and the latter is useless in the UK atm. Right. Oh and a slightly bigger battery..mmm

I do love my Titan for it's screen - but this is also it's biggest weakness..its 480x800 which is rather low resolution, and HTC don't appear to have fixed this with the Titan 2..that's a big shame.

Personally I'm still really really looking forward to the Blackberry London and atm that's my choice for best mobile of 2012 - purely because BBX is looking awesome at the moment..RIM have already proved that QNX is a stonkingly good basis for a mobile OS with the playbook (only lacking in apps atm), and if it survives the transition to a mobile phone device, we'll be in for a treat.