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First Windows on ARM video demo uploaded by Nvidia

by Mark Tyson on 4 June 2012, 19:04

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), Windows 8, Acer (TPE:2353)

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Nvidia have uploaded a video of “the very first Windows RT tablet the world has ever seen.” The Tablet demonstrated is the ASUS Windows RT Tablet 600, powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core mobile (ARM) processor.

In the sneak peek from Nvidia the ASUS tablet is shown docking with its keyboard unit and the demonstrator operates the machine showing the fluidity of the interface, multitasking, application switching and web browsing. At one point he splits the screen so he can write an email beside a web page he wants to comment upon in the email. Many combinations of apps can work well together in this way such as Twitter and live TV streaming and Word editing with instant messaging, whatever fits in with your work and leisure.

In addition the Windows RT device has “productivity built in” with Microsoft Office suite pre-installed; Word, Powerpoint and Excel all for free, in enhanced touch friendly versions.



Earlier today rival Taiwanese computer company Acer Inc said it was going to stick with Intel for its new Windows 8 non-tablet devices (also both the tablets Acer is showcasing at Computex are going to be Intel based). Acer Chairman JT Wang told reporters “According to engineer studies, unless we go into ARM 64-bit, otherwise performance is still not so great”. Having heard these qualms over Windows RT performance it’s good to be able to see the video of the ASUS Windows RT Tablet 600 in action. Also Nvidia are keen to show the good performance of their Tegra 3 platform as it will possibly bring in a lot of business for the company if Windows RT tablets sales can take off.

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Windows 8 on tablets would be AMAZING! On desktops and laptops, not so much.
The downside is there are no applications for Windows 8 on ARM.
All in all not interested in Arm/tegra with 8 RT as it brings to many issues to the plate for corporate IT. I will be looking at an Intel and full 8 based one for work and home, the full OS will be far more adaptable as a platform
The whole reason MS are pushing the Metro Apps is because they should just run on any version of Windows 8. HTML5 is platform agnostic, apps will come - just how useful a fart machine is in a corporate environment I am not so sure…
Apple missing the boat by putting down hybrid laptop/tablet devices. It will simply be the future of mobile. Think they are upset because ios is not suitable for a hybrid type device.. Just imho.