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OnLive gaming comes to iOS and Android

by Steven Williamson on 8 December 2011, 10:44

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The OnLive cloud gaming service, which launched in the UK in, has extended its reach to new platforms, including the HTC Jetstream, Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad.

Previously available only on PC, with streaming on any HDMI monitor possible via a micro console, OnLive currently has 25 top tier games available on the marketplace, in addition to 200 other games ranging from puzzle titles to platformers.

Recently launched games include Batman: Arkham City, LA Noire, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Saints Row: The Third which can be bought on demand and played immediately without the need to download. OnLive works by streaming the game to your monitor via the OnLive app and cloud technology.

The wireless controller is currently priced at £39.99 at is expected to be available from December 9th from the OnLive store.

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So… does it work with any (compatible) Android tablet - or just the Jetstream and Tab specifically?
Looks like you get a free copy of Lego Batman just for logging in through the App.
This sounds pretty amazing. I'm checking out OnLive now to see if it's worth it and the prices don't look too bad. I'd like to see more games available of course but being able to play your games on any device sounds very tempting!
If you're with BT it's free I think.
I gave it a go with my X10 last night on Dirt 3 (I already had an account). To be honest it was almost impossible to play. Ok my X10 touch screen is a little poor but even with a decent multitouch screen I don't think you had the accelerator/steering fidelity required. It was practically digital! On a tablet the bigger screen might help but I can't help but feel for most games this is just a gimmick.