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Leaked photos of iPhone 6 show super-slim chassis

by Mark Tyson on 1 April 2014, 11:45

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A lot of rumours have been circulating in the past few days regarding the specs and design of Apple's next smartphone, the iPhone 6. Yesterday, new leaked photos of the device originated from a post on China-based social-hub Weibo were revealed, reports IGN. These joined new renders created from a leaked set of schematics.

Although not the best quality, the set of photos below have reportedly come from someone within Foxconn, Apple's primary manufacturer, and are pictures of photos on a computer screen. If these photos are legitimate, it could confirm rumours of a protruding camera that is similar to the current design of the iPod touch, or at least show that Apple is testing a model with such a camera.

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Aligning with prior speculation, these purported iPhone 6 photos also reveal a much thinner profile than the current iPhone 5s with an aluminium back-plate and rounded edges. Looking at some renders created using leaked schematics also helps us envision an extremely thin smartphone, as shown below.

Renders made from leaked schematics

Reports by Nikkei from the end of last week also suggest that the device will come in two versions; with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens, with a significant display resolution boost from current models. Launch is also said to be as early as the coming September as manufacturers appear to have begun making certain components for the device. Reuters today reports that mass production of the screens required by Apple, using in-cell touch panel technology for slimness, will start as early as May – that's just next month.

With so much attention and a diversity of reports claiming varied specs for the new iPhone 6, including a curved glass design, various screen sizes and the return of the glass back design, we can only hope for some definitive (EV)leaks soon.

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Why exactly does Apple think we want super thin and fragile phones? Has anyone ever remarked ‘gee, my phone is way too thick, why can’t it be like paper?' Same as the curved display nonsense. Change for change's sake is worthless.
I agree aidanjt, I never thought this with my phones however I do appreciate thinner phones but I would much rather take a thicker phone with extra battery life than an even thinner one!
Current high end phone thickness is good for me. I would like them to keep current sizing, slim down components and use that freed up space for a bigger battery like Hicks12 has said :)
The way I hold/carry my phones, the thickness doesn't matter at all.

I don't think any phone in the last 6 years has been “too thick”. It's kind of annoying that they pass all this needless R&D cost on to the consumer in the name of shaving a few fractions of a mm off so they can carry the “worlds thinnest phone” moniker for a few weeks. Invest the time in developing better batteries or more energy efficient circuitry/screens.
I agree aidanjt, I never thought this with my phones however I do appreciate thinner phones but I would much rather take a thicker phone with extra battery life than an even thinner one!
Oh lord, I'm going to hate myself - I've got to be supportive of Apple. :(

It's not just them that's doing this trending to 1mm thick - didn't Samsung or LG start this nonsense? But yes, I think we passed the silly point with thinness a while ago. We need one of the minor players to put their foot down and - as Hicks12 says - give us a “phatphone” with 2-3 day battery life. Could even be the next iteration of the HTC One (Three?) since HTC seem to be pushing battery life as a USP.

If this IS the iPhone6 then it's quite an attractive design - to my eyes at least. Certainly nicer looking than the Galaxy S5.

Unfortunately, it also seems to bear a striking resemblance to the Sony Xperia Z1 and Z2. Nip over to the Xperia X2's website and see for yourself if you don't wanna take my word for it. ;)