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Logitech gamepad for iPhone in new leaked pictures

by Mark Tyson on 2 October 2013, 12:15

Tags: iPhone, Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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A new set of pictures has been leaked showing an upcoming Logitech gamepad accessory for the Apple iPhone 5 range. These come from the prolific and usually reliable smartphone Twitterer @evleaks. The new and as-yet unannounced gamepad features four front face ABXY buttons and a D-pad with additional left and right shoulder buttons.

Support for game controllers was added to iOS7 by Apple whereas previously such accessories relied upon “Bluetooth keyboard hacks,” reports TechCrunch. Both Logitech and Moga were confirmed as partners for Made-for-iOS (MFi) accessories so these new gamepads will be able to communicate more smoothly, with less lag than previous such efforts. Connectivity of the new gamepads could include a direct connection via the lightning connector as well as Bluetooth options.

While the Logitech controller pictured in this latest EVleaks expose only offers a range of controls more common in the 16-bit console era it might be a welcome addition to mobile phone gamers anyway. Also TechCrunch reveals that the pictured version may be joined by a couple of other gamepad designs, seen at an Apple presentation, one of which includes dual-thumbsticks.

Logitech teased this, or a range of similar sized controllers, just a fortnight ago on its Facebook page but as you can see from the picture, below, not a lot was given away...

Logitech teaser image from 18th September

Accessories like these, especially if equipped with the more modern thumbstick controls popular on consoles, could make the iPhone more popular with gamers and eat further into the portable console market of Sony and Nintendo.

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Hmm, no analogue stick … which would definitely improve Terraria on mobile devices.

Also … wide.
Weird super-wide hold, no analog sticks (and only two shoulder buttons), and iOS's limited selection of games (e.g. no emulators unless jailbroken)?
Yeah, I'll stick to using a Dualshock & GameKlip with my Nexus. Spyro on the tube, Crash Bandicoot on the bus, Final Fantasy on long-haul flights…
Yes, please. Now games can be played the way they are meant to.
Depending on the price I could well be tempted by one of these. It'd be a nice way of passing time when I'm killing time at airports or stuck in a boring hotel somewhere abroad.
Think the gameklip / proper controller is by far the better option if slightly bulkier.

I think its strange they didn't add analog stick(s) since the majority of twitch games on mobile use an on screen analog stick for control :/