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RCA by Venturer launches new Android tablet

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London, 9th July 2018 – Venturer, a leader in personal infotainment devices, today announces the availability of its latest RCA Android tablet, the Mars 8L, now available at major retailers.

The introduction of Mars 8L enhances the existing portfolio of portable, travel and child friendly tablets from RCA by Venturer. The 8-inch tablet is fast and easy to use, with a Quad Core 1.3Ghz processor and the latest Android operating system, Nougat (7.0).

The perfect size for taking on travels, Mars 8L guarantees the end of boredom with a wide range of apps available to download for all ages. Users can enjoy entertainment such as video calling, gaming and fun learning on a train, in a car and on an aeroplane for up to six hours! Featuring an 8-inch capacitive touch screen with a display resolution of 1280 x 800, the tablet is also great for watching movies comfortably. Not to forget the all-important selfies, Mars 8L even has dual front & rear facing cameras. Apps and movies can easily be stored on the 16GB of internal memory.

If you wish to store more you can via the expandable micro USB slot provided. Devices can also be linked through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so it’s easy to stay connected whether you’re at home or on the move.

Mars 8L is now available at Grattan for only £90.00

Product Specifications


MARS 8L 8" Android Tablet

Quad Core 1.3GHz with 1GB RAM

Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Multi points capacitive touch screen

Display resolution 1280*800 pixels

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in 16GB internal memory

Micro USB, microSD for data transfer and charging

Rechargeable up to 6 hours battery

0.3MP + 2MP front & rear facing camera

Built-in speaker

Headphone jack

Bluetooth 4.0


About Venturer

Since its incorporation in 1968, Venturer has been manufacturing of premium audio and video products for more than three decades. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of tablets world-wide, and with world class manufacturing facilities, Venturer has played a significant part in bringing quality products for consumers. Venturer distributes its range of Audio and Tablet electronics products in North America, Europe, Asia and rest of the world. The Venturer product ranges include Personal Infotainment and Home Infotainment. For more info please visit www.venturer.com

About RCA

RCA is brought to the UK by Venturer. RCA is Made for Moments. For over 90 years, consumers throughout the world have depended on RCA for approachable technology and contemporary design in home entertainment. Bringing families together with the highest in value and innovation, RCA works with trusted licensees to deliver products including televisions, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and home appliances. RCA is a global trademark administered by RCA Trademark Management SAS of Technicolor SA. Learn more at rca.com. The brand that revolutionised colour television and built a legacy of quality and innovation is bringing families together to make new moments, just as it did over 90 years ago. Since its founding in 1919, RCA continues to provide the latest generation's families with some of the country's most popular televisions and tablets.