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MotoGP 08 - PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii

by Nick Haywood on 15 July 2008, 17:50

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Two-wheel nutter madness racer

Fresh out of E3 comes the latest info for MotoGP 08 which will feature all the riders, bikes and tracks for the 2008 season of sliding along the tarmac with a broken elbow after a flip over the high side.

Now in the past the handling has been a bit iffy in MotoGP games… either too damn slow to throw the bike over or too twichty to ever get the power down without suddenly getting a really close view of the race surface, so it’s good to hear that the development team’s aim is to deliver a super-twaeked handling model that’ll let gamers of all skill levels get a decent ride as well as provide a challenge to meet each player’s abilities.

We’re told that MotoGP 08 puts the player at the centre of the MotoGP experience by letting them join a team and compete alongside their sporting heroes in all three race classes – 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP. Good results in qualifying and racing earn points that can then be exchanged for bike upgrades to improve attributes such as straight line speed, braking and cornering. Ok, so that’s not as realistic but hey, if it’s fun…

For the first time MotoGP 08 will appear on the PS3 and Wii and there’s the inclusion of the all new Indianapolis track just to keep the new stuff coming. Oh, and there’s the complete nuttery of night racing at the Qatar circuit. Sadly, only PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners will get to race online.

Here’s a quick re-cap of the features announced so far:

• Three different handling models - arcade, intermediate and simulation - provide varied racing experiences and accessibility for all
• Ride as yourself and compete against riders from the world’s premier motorcycling championship
• Select from 125cc, 250cc and MotoGP bike classes with each offering a different race experience
• Set competitor AI to match skill level
• Pit your riding skills against players from across the globe in a number of online modes
• Includes new 2008 season additions of night racing and Indianapolis circuit

We’ll have some screenies on the way very soon!

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