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Battlefield Bad Company gets Conquest mode

by Steven Williamson on 25 April 2008, 16:56

Tags: Battlefield: Bad Company, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Xbox 360, PS3, FPS

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It's what the fans want

If you've been blasting away on the Battlefield Bad Company beta you may have noticed that it is absent of a Conquest mode, something which hardened fans of the game were keen to have included and a mode that has been featured in all previous Battlefield games.

At the EA GAMES STUDIO SHOWCASE event in London today, Senior Producer of DICE studios, Karl-Magnus Troedsson has confirmed that they have taken into consideration the pleas of the fans and Conquest mode will be made available as a free download shortly after the release of the title in June.

It appears that EA has been doing a lot of listening to its gaming community in recent weeks. Earlier today, the company confirmed that it is adopting a new attitude towards downloadable content, only charging gamers for downloads that do not directly affect the game-play.

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